Foto Release: Good Trees River band - Culture Shock Therapy

CULTURE SHOCK THERAPY is set to release on all streaming platforms on August 4th, 2023!!! The official album art done by Kyle Bee!

Recorded at Robot Records by Jon Sanders, mixed by Ben McLeod (All Them Witches) and mastered by Dark Art Audio! We are so stoked with this heavy compilation of our music.

Good Trees River Band’s June 2020 full-length album Hold on to Your Horses grabbed the attention of listeners throughout the Northeast and beyond. This release was the result of a hardworking history – spreading their musical magic through grassroots gusto. GTRB’s sound has evolved immensely since the bands original formation. Initially drawing inspiration from Jam music and traditional Americana, the sound established in the early years was loose, but fun, maybe even slightly subdued. As the band developed further, so did their sound, reflecting a heavier and more psychedelic influence in their music. The band now is firing on all cylinders, and their live shows touch on all fronts of this ever-broadening soundscape.

Formed in 2015, GTRB started as 3 high school friends in Massachusetts who wanted to take their musical collaborations to the next level. A thriving first year of open mics, bar gigs, and private parties with nobody in the bass seat was motivation to reshape the group and take things more seriously. 2016 saw the addition of Ned Brady on the bass, which sparked a four-track EP and a quick splash into markets beyond Southeast MA. Their first full-length tour in Summer 2019 spanned 20 dates throughout all of New England and into NYC, NJ, and Virginia. The fresh GTRB lineup is now five members strong & regularly performing and touring throughout the Eastern USA with shows from Maine to Macon to Key West. They stand out on festival lineups in their own right, while feeling fortunate to have shared bills with artists such as Ripe, Kung Fu, Eggy, and West End Blend, as well as Larry Keel, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Adam Ezra Group, Strange Machines, and more.

Necromancer - Good Trees River Band Live @revelrystudios

Good Trees River band are:
Evan Valentine – Vocals / Drums
Danny Circharo – Guitar
Gavin Gebhardt – Vocals / Percussion
Stephen Silva – Vocals / Guitar
Ned Brady – Bass

1. Azathoth 01:18
2. Can’t Sleep 04:26
3. Descension 00:50
4. Lazeretto 05:34
5. Castle Bravo 00:33
6. Parasite 07:45
7. Monopoly 03:45
8. Ivory 03:30
9. Ultimate Meltdown 04:31
10. The Necromancer 06:03
11. Mammoth 01:05
12. Lugenpresse 07:37


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