Eric Sardinas - Sticks And Stones

Eric Sardinas and Big Motor – Sticks And Stones
Format: CD / LP
Label: Provogue
Release: 22 August 2011

Eric Sardinas has put his onstage lighting in a bottle for the new album Sticks And Stones, an 11-song odyssey that ricochets from die-hard country blues to stone boogie to romantic pop to flame-thrower rock ‘n’ roll. “Playing with intensity all over the world non-stop and loving every minute of it has been my inspiration,” Sardinas explains. “That’s why I get up in the morning and what I live for: making music that keeps me in the moment and has an original voice that speaks to people.” The common thread in all the tunes on Sticks And Stones is love, whether it’s between a man and a woman or simply the zest for life captured in numbers like the opener “Cherry Wine.” “I like writing about universal themes,” says Sardinas. “That’s another thing I have in common with the classic blues and soul artists. The trick is to find my own unique way of expressing myself within those themes.”

1. Cherry Wine
2. Road To Ruin
3. Full Tilt Mama
4. County Line
5. Through The Thorns
6. Burnin’ Sugar
7. Ratchet Blues
8. Behind The 8
9. Goodness
10. Make It Shine
11. Too Many Ghosts

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