Candye Kane - Sister Vagabond

CANDYE KANE – Sister Vagabond
Featuring Laura Chavez and special guests James Harman, Nathan James, and many more!

Label: Delta Groove Productions
Release: August 2011

Candye Kane has been called a survivor, a superhero and the toughest girl alive. They are apt descriptions of the jump blues singer, songwriter and mother of two from East Los Angeles who has earned this moniker the hard way. Nominated for five National Blues Foundation Awards including the 2011 Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year, winner of ten San Diego Music Awards, starring in a sold out stage play about her life, and beating down pancreatic cancer in the last two years, Kane is one tough cookie. She has performed worldwide for presidents and movie stars, but her path to success was not always glamorous or easy.

Raised in a dysfunctional, blue-collar family, Candye became a teenage mother, a pin up cover girl and a punk rock, hillbilly and blues-belting anarchist by the time she was just 21 years old. Ten cds, six record labels, millions of international road miles and countless awards later, Miss Kane has proven to be a true survivor as she scrambled her way to the top of the roots music heap, creating a world renowned reputation that has spanned two decades. She belts – growls – shouts – croons and moans from a lifetime of suffering and overcoming obstacles, and uses music as therapy; often writing and choosing material with positive affirmations that leave the audience feeling healed and exhilarated.

On her latest release, “Sister Vagabond,” Candye Kane once again delivers her heart on a platter. Kane presents a more mature and swinging collection of scorching blues and soul originals, searing with the young Laura Chavez’s impressive guitar work. Kane takes us on a journey thru love, heartbreak, rejection and personal empowerment, colored in swampy and soulful earth tones that bring a new twist to old favorites (Brenda Lee’s Sweet Nothings) and explore spookier and darker territory (Walkin’ Talkin’ Haunted House). Laura’s guitar work stands out on these performances demonstrating maturity beyond her years. Kane and Chavez are a powerhouse duo to reckon with, exhibiting feminist strength and power in bucketfuls. Move over all you mannish boys….

“A Blues Diva of the 20th century who can liven up any party without shedding a stitch.” – People Magazine

“This tough cookie wails with a rousing confidence, affirmation of identity, the courage of her convictions and wisdom beyond her years.” – Downbeat Magazine

“Laura Chavez is not just a rising star. She’s already arrived.” – Vintage Guitar

“A voice that is a natural wonder – like the Grand Canyon.” – The Washington Post

Tracks and stories behind

01. I LOVE TO LOVE YOU (3:35)
Laura and I are both big Johnny Guitar Watson fans. I have always loved his singing and of course, Laura loves his guitar playing. Thanks to David Thum for suggesting I record this amazing song.

I got this idea after yet another broken heart and a big debate about health insurance and my lack, thereof. Wouldn’t it be great if there were insurance for heartbreak?

03. SWEET NOTHIN’S (4:05)
I have long been a Brenda Lee fan and loved her pop version of this song. We both wanted to record a greasier version of this song so Laura brought in her Excello influences to create this swampy groove.

Laura and I are both big Disneyland fans and we especially love the haunted house. Big fans of cemeteries and skeletons, Laura and I have bonded over our shared intrigue with the macabre. I thought about all the ghosts of my former lovers living inside my hollowed heart. Laura had this cool melody to match my mournful words and this eerie song was born. Stephen Hodges added some great mood to the song with his chains, winds and percussive sound effects.

Another one for my ex lover set to Laura’s swingin’ guitar grooves. It’s supposed to be ironic.

Jack Tempchin is one of my favorite songwriters and I have recorded one of his tunes on almost all of my CDs. I couldn’t believe this song had never been released by anyone else. Written with Glenn Frey, James Harman’s harmonica really makes it an authentic blues tune.

Originally written as an angry song for my missing biological father, I rewrote this song to benefit the Blues for the Gulf project that my friends Honey Sepeda and Bob Margolin were compiling. It felt good to turn an angry song into a positive one to help benefit the gulf restoration project. We wanted to give it a vibe like Tom Waits meets Otis Rush- two of our favorites.

08. SIDE DISH (2:48)
I recently realized I am happiest being the main entrée in a relationship. I knew I had to have David Mosby’s low down vocals on this number. This song is dedicated to Chef Deborah Scott and her food truck: Ms. Patty Melt.

I love the tight harmonies of the Boswell Sisters and wanted to try my hand at this song I wrote for an ex lover whose name I won’t mention.

10. HARD KNOCK GAL (4:45)
Inspired by all of my punk rock and goth friends of 80’s Hollywood and the sisterhood created by all of our collective hard knocks and broken hearts, I wanted to write a song about all the hard knock gals around who wont take sh*t from anybody.

11. HAVE A NICE DAY (3:51)
Isn’t it interesting how after all the sweet nothings and sincere words of love someone whispers in your ear, in the end, they can just as easily write you off like a stranger in a convenience store? Here’s a song describing one such unceremonious send off.

Songwriter and one-man band Steve White was a San Diego musician who died during the making of this CD after a long battle with throat cancer that led to the removal of his larynx. Steve wrote this gorgeous song and I only wish he had lived long enough to hear me sing it. His lovely life partner Alda joined us in the studio the night we cut the vocal for this song and I think we all agree that Steve’s spirit was there with us.

13. I DESERVE LOVE (3:26)
This is in keeping with my belief that songs and words can heal. I was feeling pretty battered and broken one day and realized that I needed to tell the universe exactly what I deserve. Here it is – with extra chocolate sauce, please. For Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens. I sang this at their purple wedding.

Produced by Laura Chavez and Candye Kane

Candye Kane: Vocals
Laura Chavez: Guitar
Kennan Shaw: Bass
Paul Fasulo: Drums
Stephen Hodges: Drums & Percussion
Mark Weisz: Organ
Jonny Viau: Saxophone
Sue Palmer: Piano
James Harman: Harmonica
Thomas Yearsley: String Bass & Organ
Eddie Baytos: Accordion & Frattoire
Nathan James: Slide Guitar & Baritone Guitar
Jeff Ross: Guitar
Billy Watson: Harmonica

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