Wily Bo Walker – Moon Over Indigo
Format: CD / Mescal Canyon Records: MCREX021
Releasedatum: 25 september 2015

By Iain Patience

This ten-track wonder marks the finale of a trio of top-quality, rocky-blues releases from London-based Scot, Wily Bo Walker. And it’s an absolute beauty, full of pace, variety, gritty blues and bountiful, explosive material. Walker is a guy who not only can produce the goods, but who consistently does produce the goods and more.
‘Moon Over Indigo’ positively roars along from start to finish, featuring Walker’s mostly self-penned songs, rasping vocal delivery and strong fretwork. In truth, Walker’s voice is an essential ingredient in the mix, a roaring, rattling load of grit and guts that propel the entire package along. Walker is well-known for his gripping stage presence and live performance. With this latest album, he clearly demonstrates his ability to take listeners on a roiling blues ride that simply never slows, slips or falters.

Walker includes a great take on Willie Dixon’s old number ‘Same Thing‘ here, and a cover of ‘Who Do You Love‘ from Elias McDaniel. Apart from these intruders, all of the tracks featured were written by the guy himself.
Walker is to be congratulated for this work. He’s a guy that deserves a greater following and general recognition internationally in the blues world. ‘Moon Over Indigo’ is an album that really is worth catching and showcases his evident talent to great effect. Get your hands on a copy of this if you can.


1. Walking with the Devil (Voodoo Mix) feat. Graham Hine
2. I Want To Know (NY Funk Mix)
3. Walk in Chinese Footsteps (Free Tibet Mix)
4. Moon Over Indigo
5. When The Angels Call Your Time (Bourbon Street Mix)
6. Drive (Two Lane Blacktop Mix)
7. Same Thing
8. For The Children
9. Jenny (Traces in my Arms)
10. Who Do You Love (NY Chiller Mix)

Website arties: www.wilybo.com

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