Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw – Stone Cold Beautiful
Format: EP / Label: Mescal Canyon Records: MCREX 020
Releasedatum: 30 mei 2015

Tekst: Iain Patience

This is a six-track EP from a decidedly powerful and strong Scottish singer-songwriter, Wily Bo Walker. Now London-based, Walker is noted for his swaggering stage performance and the diversity of musical styles he covers. With this album he teams up with guitarist Brayshaw, to present the second of a planned three-disc set with all tracks penned by Walker and delivered with enormous purpose and strength.

Stone Cold Beautiful is not a release that can be simply pushed into any single genre or musical box; it crosses lines embracing blues, rock, soul, swampy alternative modern styles and should come with a health warning, especially when played full-tilt at high volume – when it’s really at its best.

Guest vocalist, Karena K brings her usual deft touch and style to the table here, as she did on Walker’s previous outing. She is clearly a gal who sings with both heart and pure passion and adds a sure-fired soulful touch to the overall production.

Brayshaw’s fretwork is always tasteful, torrid and demanding, with riffs and runs pouring from his fingers and driving the tracks along with an element of genuine raw emotion and energy. Walker is currently working on the final part of this planned musical trilogy and expects to have it out on release later this year. On the basis of this EP and his previous release with Karena K, ‘A Long Way From Heaven’, it should be well worth catching.

1. Storm Warning
2. Motel Blues
3. Loan Me a Dime
4. I Want To Know
5. September Red
6. Killers On the Run

Website artiest: www.wilybo.com

Loan Me A Dime by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw from Wily Bo Walker on Vimeo.

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