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Tom Waits – Bad As Me

Format: CD/ Label: Anti/ Epitaph Records / Release: oktober 2011, Blues CD’s online bestellen

Tekst: Tom Moerenhout/Marco van Bergen
Tom Waits, inmiddels 61 jaar heeft sinds 2004 stilgezeten en komt kortgeleden met een nieuwe CD uit met de titel “Bas as Me” . In de jaren negentig liet hij ook al zeven jaar liet zitten tussen Bone Machine en meesterwerk Mule Variations en nu is er vrij onverwacht de feitelijke opvolger van Real Gone uit 2004.
Bad As Me, met 13 songs is gemaakt met tal van gastmuzikanten onder wie zelfs Rolling Stone Keith Richards en David Hildago van Los Lobos en is wederom in samenwerking met zijn echtgenote Kathleen Brennan gemaakt .
Op deze nieuwe schijf is Tom Waits weer als vanouds te horen, in de ene song weer hysterisch schreeuwend met beukende beats, dan weer ingetogen zelfs, voor zijn doen beschaafd zingend met een accordeon.
Mijn kennis van Tom Waits en de ins en outs van zijn werk is te beperkt om een recensie over dit album te schrijven dus desgevraagd Tom Waits-kenner en -fan Marco van Bergen (de broer van gitarist Richard) naar zijn mening gevraagd waarvan hierbij het volgende verslag :
The Amsterdam release party! Meeting old friends, having beer and good
scotch! Have been blown away by the album ever since I got back home. I’ll check the lyrics in detail later. I do appreciate the early stuff more by the way, never too old to learn!

Chicago, get on board!!! What a groove! The guitar licks.
Tom’s banjo on the left speaker! So many layers! Blues harp!! All Aboard!
Raised Right Men … “Tabla” and Augie’s vox!!! Genius!
Jazzy guitar in the back … was already used to this voice after 88 listens
to the single (what was the G&D comments again? Same voice no? Maybe he listened to us
fuckers ;))
Talkin’ At The Same Time, goosebumps everytime when that lazy carribean off beat starts Ribot’s loooong Twa-aaaaaang… as a crying stealguitar. Tom’s voice as if he pays tribute to Curtis Mayfield up there. The piano notes … one of my favs so far.
Get Lost: Rockabilly baby! Gene Vincent tips his blue cap am sure!
Those who don’t care about real r&r as in rockabilly will be disappointed
But at least it isn’t a whole rockabilly album as the rumours few years
ago said …
Face The Highway
Close my eyes everytime when this one starts. Magic carpet ride on beautiful sounds and Tom’s beautiful voice … stunning tune. I will never turn my back on you Tom.
The violin …. just a few secs … shivers. The guitar, nostalgic as a melancholy klezmer song
Pay Me: I so hope one day … (are the Pogues in the Hall of fuckin Fame yet?)
 he will do this one with Shane. Imagine. (Not you Correlian;)
Back In The Crowd
Nice little tune, not too spectacular in context of the whole album.
Bad As Me: Too much spins … ask me later.
Kiss Me:Yea yea Blue Valentine …What wrong with another Blue Valentine?
 “Kiss me like a stranger”. Five words to describe a lot of marriages no? ;)
Satisfied: Jagger wished he still had that voice. Play it loud!
Last Leaf: Would I love to sit at a campfire with a can of beans and Tom and Keef … sentimental in a good way …

Hell Broke Luce:
Must be the influence of Sully with his Beastie Boys cds no?
Fillipino Box Spring Hog meets Apocalypse Now (recall the scene of the
slaughter of the cow?) Absolutely stunning!!!
When Tom can come up with this one after all his wild years?
Hail Hail Hail for Rock n Roll! Left Right Left Right!
HELL broke Luce, Hell BROKE Luce, Hell broke LUCE, Machine Gun!Band of Gypsies!
New Years Eve …
Some discussion on another forum. Luce … Eve or Eve … Luce
Am ok with this order. Gave me time to breath …
She Stole The Blush … yes bonus
Tell Me … what a nice surprise!
Such a beautiful tune with this 60s feel of Roy Orbison, Dion di Mucci
A gem!
After You Die …
The album started with The Seeds Are Planted Here. It ends with What Is It Like After We Die. Yes I did read the lyrics along the way. But am not much of a reader, more of listener
I fuckin’ love the album. Am very impressed.
“Ray he said damn you and someone broke my camera, and it was new years, and we all started to sing…”. “The bats are ……….. all aboard!”
She Stole The Blush
Tell Me
Raised Right Men
Talking At The Same Time
After You Die
Get Lost
Face To The Highway
Pay Me
Back In The Crowd
Bad As Me
Kiss Me
Last Leaf
Hell Broke Luce
New Year’s Eve

Tom Waits - "Bad As Me"

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