Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Front Porch Sessions
Format: CD / Label: Family Owned Records
Releasedatum: 10 maart 2017

Tekst:  Iain Patience

This is one of those albums absolutely bursting with individuality, class and old-fashioned blues style. Old school blues with positive bite. With excellent solid, finely crafted fretwork, Peyton punches through, forcefully capturing the 1920s and 30s sound with a near-perfect flash and flourish.

Peyton is from Indiana, not a state generally associated with the blues, and yet he succeeds easily to pull out a fresh approach that not just echoes the masters of early acoustic blues but positively screams out a historic, backward look and feel while pushing the edges of modern blues at times lyrically.

Tracks slide effortlessly together with some gospel-inspired clap-happy additions and diversions together with touches of genuinely delightful banjo-work included in the mix. ‘Front Porch Sessions’ sounds just that – the kind of music we’d expect to catch driving past a dusty, rickety down South cabin porch where blues music remains a central theme and an important part of everyday life.

This is an album that holds bags of unexpected pleasure and surprising, passionate blues music from a bygone era peppered with a pinch of modern blues savvy and nous.

01. We Deserve A Happy Ending
02. When My Baby Left Me
03. Shakey Shirley
04. What You Did To The Boy Ain’t Right
05. One Bad Shoe
06. It’s All Night Long
07. One More Thing
08. Flying Squirrels
09. Let Your Light Shine
10. When You Lose Your Money
11. Cornbread And Butterbeans

Website: Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

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