Ray Davies – Our Country: Americana Act II
Format: CD – LP – Digital / Label: Legacy Recordings
Releasedatum: 29 juni 2018

Tekst: Iain Patience

This is a follow-up release to Ray Davies’s offering last year, an Americana disc that was widely admired with its striking imagery of a childhood and youth shaped by US music and televisual influences. With a remarkable musical background Davies has now upped the ante, moving on to the much awaited and eagerly anticipated second act. Again, he looks back over a career that has now spanned almost half a century and opens his heart and soul with a free rein and clear love of America and its musical history coloured by his own personal experiences of the country.

The album is an interesting and surprisingly brave release, mixing music with a spoken timeline where he explains his passion for the country while exploring his own back-catalogue and thoughts about the place with a disarming honesty and a delightfully reflective take on what he believes makes it all tick and why it has such personal meaning for him.

The result is an album that is truly wonderful, an exercise in introspective thought coupled with melodies and lyrical thoughts that are clearly and instantly recognisable as Ray Davies. For four years in the late 1960s Davies and his band, The Kinks, were refused entry to the USA, for reasons he can’t understand. When the band was removed, the band ensured that they spent as much time as possible in the country, an aspect that Davies covers here in one track. Also featured is the well-reported incident when he was shot in the leg during a bank heist while resident in New Orleans. These two examples illustrate the intimate nature of the release and the broad sweep he applies here.

‘Our Country, Americana Act II’ is one of those albums that simply appeals almost instantly and is likely to remain a favourite recording for a very long time.

01. Our Country
02. The Invaders (Spoken Word)
03. Back In The Day
04. Oklahoma U.s.a.
05. Bringing Up Baby
06. The Getaway
07. The Take
08. We Will Get There
09. The Real World
10. A Street Called Hope
11. The Empty Room
12. Calling Home
13. Louisiana Sky
14. March Of The Zombies
15. The Big Weird
16. Tony And Bob
17. The Big Guy
18. Epilogue
19. Muswell Kills

Website: Ray Davies

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