Recensie: Ray Davies – Americana

Ray Davies  – Americana
Format: CD – LP – Digital / Label:  Sony Legacy Records
Releasedatum:  21 april 2017

Tekst: Iain Patience

Anything from ex-Kinks frontman and sixties songwriter Ray Davies is bound to grab the attention of many. In addition, as the first solo release in a decade, Americana is immediately intriguing and pretty much guaranteed to capture the curiosity. Based for the most part on Davies’s long-time love of the USA, its music, heritage and modern culture, this is an album that certainly delivers on most fronts.

‘Americana’ is partly just that, an album that touches and trips through the world of modern US country-cum-Americana music. At others, it has a distinctly sixties sound and feel, with an absolutely clear shiver and shape of Davies’s old, former self with one of the sixties most important UK bands. The Kinks were one of those bands that, unfortunately for them to some extent, found themselves frequently squeezed between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the charts. Nevertheless, with Davies at the helm and his powerful purple prose driving things, they attained a huge following and have remained a near-cult outfit through the years and decades since.

This album features Davies in a more reflective mood at times, with softer songs and melodies rippling through the mix while he also draws on his storied background of life on the road as a sixties hipster, with some softly spoken reminders of just what it was like back then to be a pop-starring Kink in the USA – and this done with musical background flourishes that come straight from the Kinks’ old back-catalogue. An interesting concept that he carries off with ease. Joined here by US band the Jayhawks, Davies plans a further follow-up Volume 2 release and a book release in coming months.

Overall, ‘Americana’ is a delightful release, full of signature Ray Davies sounds and strength. An album that, not surprisingly, is already climbing country/Americana charts internationally, this is vintage Ray Davies.

01. Americana
02. The Deal
03. Poetry
04. Message From The Road
05. A Place In Your Heart
06. The Mystery Room
07. Silent Movie
08. Rock ‘N’ Roll Cowboys
09. Change For Change
10. The Man Upstairs
11. I’ve Heard That Beat Before
12. A Long Drive Home To Tarzana
13. The Great Highway
14. The Invaders
15. Wings Of Fantasy

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