Myles Goodwyn – And Friends Of The Blues
Format: CD – LP – Digital / Label: Linus Entertainment
Releasedatum: 2 maart 2018

Tekst: Iain Patience

Canadian hard-rocker, Myles Goodwyn, has picked up numerous awards back-home in Canada as leader of the band, April Wine, over many years. But he has always hoped to return to the music that first captured his imagination and inspired him as a youngster in the 1960s. And so here, at last, he has produced a top-dollar, twelve-track album full of fiery fretwork, strong vocals and supported by many of his old buddies, including Rick Derringer, Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne, Amos Garrett and a host of others.

If anything, the surprise here is why it has taken him so long to turn out this little gem, an album that sparkles with quality, drive and straight-on, full-tilt blues mastery. Goodwyn is clearly comfortable, confident and self-assured with his blues mantle and all twelve tracks are self-written, proving he certainly knows his way around the genre.

Goodwyn switches easily from vocals to guitar and keys with an effortless quality that high-lights his evident ability and professional experience gained over many years at the top of the tough Canadian rock music world. Wrenched from his normal hard-rock milieu, he delivers sensitively and soulfully when needed with a welcome blast of subtlety and an eye firmly focussed on the blues and R&B end of the business. This is a well-conceived and delivered offering from a guy who can hack it in spades. Highly recommended.

01. I Hate To See You Go (But I Love To Watch You Walk Away)
02. Isn’t That So
03. It’ll Take Time To Get Used To
04. Tell Me Where I’ve Been (So I Don’t Go There Anymore)
05. I Ain’t Gonna Bath In The Kitchen Anymore
06. I’ll Hate You (Till Death Do Us Part) )
07. Good Man In A Bad Place
08. Brand New Cardboard Belt
09. Weeping Willow Tree Blues
10. Last Time I’ll Ever Sing The Blues
11. Nobody Lies (About Having The Blues)
12. You Never Got The Best Of Me

Website: Myles Goodwyn