Foto Recensie: Michelle Malone - Slings And Arrows

Michelle Malone – Slings And  Arrows
Format: CD – Vinyl – Digital / Label: SBS Records
Releasedatum: 2 maart 2018

Tekst: Iain Patience

This is one of those albums that comes as a true surprise, a wonderful melange of modern Americana with blues edges, funk and soul all pooled together to deliver an excellent release. Malone, the writer and singer here, has a strong, powerful voice full of emotion and determination; and the backing lives up to the task, ensuring this to be an album played on repeat often.

Despite having never previously come across this artist, on the basis of this offering, Michelle Malone is somebody to keep on the radar, for sure. At times, Malone comes across as a pretty smart Lucinda Williams – no mean feat to pull-off. At others there’s hints of honey, mellow and melodic, before she again roars off in full-throttle mode with real, riotous passion. Her fretwork is fiery and her voice raucous and deliciously provocative. This is a lady who knows exactly what she’s doing, driving ahead with a clear musical vision and intent.

Malone has been around a long time now out in the USA where she has worked with Steve Earle, Greg Allman and a host of other greats over the decades. Anyone looking for a new, original and striking album could do no better than turn to this one, a ten-track release that sparkles, spangles and grips from the off. An excellent album in pretty much every way.

Michelle Malone Slings and Arrows video

01. Just Getting Started (Malone)
02. Love Yourself (Malone)
03. Sugar On My Tongue (Malone, Eliot Bronson)
04. Boxing Gloves (Malone)
05. Ive Been Loving You Too Long [with Shawn Mullins] (Otis Redding, Jerry Butler)
06. The Fox and The Hound (Malone/Randall Bramblett)
07. Civil War (Malone)
08. The Flame (Malone, Eliot Bronson)
09. Beast’s Boogie (Malone/Chuck McDowell)
10. Matador (Malone)

Website: Michelle Malone

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