Marcia Ball – Shine Bright
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Alligator Records
Releasedatum: 20 april 2018

Tekst: Iain Patience

‘Shine Bright’ is an album that sure lives up to its name, with Texan, Louisiana-raised, keyboard wizard Marcia Ball delivering twelve tracks packed to exploding with her raw, raucous and rollicking boogie-woogie chops and powerful voice. Ball is always a pleasure, with each successive release simply cementing her position at the top of the good-fun-feeling blues end of the spectrum. This is music with edge, clever lyricism and an excellent bunch of backing musicians. Irresistible, toe-tapping stuff that positively roars along firing on all cylinders.

Ball’s last effort, ‘Tattooed Lady & The Alligator Man’, was an equally impressive album, full of her trademark keyboard chops with their swampy, Louisiana drive and delight. With ‘Shine Bright’ she again works a similar vein, slipping into a more reflective, soulful side-stream from time to time.

This marks her seventh release on Chicago’s Alligator label, and Ball, of course, picked up a well-deserved Grammy back in 2010 for her release, ‘Roadside Attractions’.  Although ‘Shine Bright’ is unlikely to mirror that 2010 success, it remains an absolutely wonderful, hi-octane release, well worth discovering. An album with an inbuilt repeat at its very core, Ball is firing full-on again, as we have come to expect these days.

01. Shine Bright
02. I Got To Find Somebody
03. They Don’`t  Make ‘Em Like That
04. Life Of The Party
05. What Would I Do Without You
06. When The Mardi Gras Is Over
07. Once In A Lifetime Thing
08. Pots And Pans
09. World Full Of Love
10. I’M Glad I Did What I Did
11. Too Much For Me
12. Take A Little Louisiana

Website: Marcia Ball

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