Malaya Blue - Heartsick

Malaya Blue – Heartsick
Format: CD / Label: MBM Music
Releasedatum: 8 april 2016

Tekst: Iain Patience

‘Heartsick’ marks the second album released by UK singer-songwriter Malaya Blue. Following the widespread success of the initial release, ‘Bourbon Street’ in 2015, this sophomore album was widely anticipated to open up her talent to great effect internationally.

This is a lady who can write, sing and wrench the blues with absolute power and a voice that can slip from mellow, jazzy currents to raucous, full-boogie gut-wrenching blues without a trace of uncertainty or difficulty.

I loved her last offering, and said so widely. With this new, eleven-track offering, she has positively moved up more than a few gears, into overdrive and beyond, to deliver a simply superb album that rips along from start to finish. Joined by many of the UK’s current cream of the blues-musical crop, including veteran bluesman Paul Jones – ex-Manfreds and The Blues Band – who also adds his weight to the mix with some tasty harp-playing support, while producer Paul Long also tips his hat with backing vocals and keys.

This is quite simply a superb album of soulfully delivered blues from a lady who is clearly going places fast. A true delight, ‘Heartsick’ is one to grab and savour.

01. Heartsick
02. Hunny Little Day Dream
03. Colourblind
04. Let’s Reinvent (Love)
05. Acceptance
06. To Remain The Same
07. I Have Arrived
08. Strand Of Gold
09. Share The Love
10. Hope
11. Soul Come Back

website: Malaya Blue


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