Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul – Summer Of Sorcery
Format: CD – LP – Digital / Label: Universal Records
Releasedatum: 3 mei 2019

Tekst: Iain Patience

Where to start with an album like this from a truly astonishingly well-qualified artist and performer? Firstly, to say, this is good…..very tasty,  with a sort of near-tongue-in-cheek, sideways glance at a range of styles and tremendous touches of rockn’roll fire that it seems almost a musical pastiche at times. No doubt, exactly what the guy intends from the very off!

Little Steven is, of course, a remarkable figure; far from little in terms of scale, ambition or background. This is no less than the always adventurous Stevie Van Zandt, guitarist with Springsteen’s East Street Band and writer and actor with one of the USA’s finest televisual exports, the Sopranos. Add to that, the fact he also fronts The Disciples of Soul, a band that not only crosses musical boundaries and divides but instead merrily collides with them at almost every twist and unexpected turn in the harmonic highway. With ‘Summer of Sorcery’ Van Zandt writes the material, sings, plays wailing guitar and kicks up an absolute musical storm. Switching effortlessly from full-throttle rock, he visits some funky beats, sparkling rhumba and Latin rhythms before adding some slippery ballads and searching, funky soul to the magic mélange.

It’s genuinely doubtful that many – if any – other musician working today could have the ambition or confidence to deliver an album of this power and surprise. But Van Zandt is a guy who simply knows no bounds or succumbs to uncertainty or hesitancy – concepts that beleaguer many but are shouldered aside by this genuine genius. Van Zandt’s first release in around twenty years, we should count ourselves lucky that he’s prepared to share some of his mojo with us from time to time.

01. Communion
02. Party Mambo!
03. Love Again
04. Vortex
05. A World of Our Own
06. Gravity
07. Soul Power Twist
08. Superfly Terraplane
09. Education
10. Suddenly You
11. I Visit the Blues
12. Summer of Sorcery

Website: Little Steven

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