Kat Danser – Goin’ Gone
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Black Hen Music
Releasedatum: 12 oktober 2018

Tekst: Iain Patience

Well, this sure comes as something of a surprise. Kat Danser, a Canadian guitarist, singer-songwriter with a wonderful grasp of the roots and blues music tradition, turns in a powerful performance here with ten tracks that are generally acoustic in nature but also anchored by a backing and support outfit that ranges across tasteful, sensitive and soulful electric flourishes and a delightful old-school vibe that features flourishes from one of the USA’s most significant current guitar pickers and producers, Steve Dawson.

It appears that Dawson, who both plays and produces here, can do no wrong at the moment; and with ‘Goin’ Gone’, that thinking could well be correct, for this is a release that is so beautifully delivered that it’s hard to find fault. The material mostly from Danser herself, is top-dollar stuff, while the overall production oozes quality and sparkle. Add a few covers from the likes of Sam McGhee and Mississippi Fred MacDowell, and you have a truly delicious offering that boils and burns, full-on blues and roots music that will delight most lovers of the genre.

Danser’s voice is melodic and assured while her own picking and fretwork is more than capable. Canada has a vibrant blues-scene and often produces pearls and surprises in pretty much equal measure. For me, Kat Danser with ‘Goin’ Down’ is really one of those surprisingly strong, burning offerings that makes it more than worthy of a place in any acoustic blues and roots music lover’s collection. Give it a go, you’ll be delighted.

01. Goin’ Gone
02. Voodoo Groove
03. Memphis, Tennessee
04. Chevrolet Car
05. Kansas City Blues
06. Hol’ Up, Baby
07. Train I Ride
08. Light The Flame
09. My Town
10. Time For Me To Go

Website: Kat Danser

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