Foto Recensie: Jim Roberts And The Resonants - Beneath The Blood Moon

Jim Roberts And The Resonants – Beneath The Blood Moon
Format: CD / Label: Eigen Beheer
Releasedatum: 15 mei 2017

Tekst: Iain Patience

This initially seems to be a new independent release from a new US band. But a few years ago the Jack Roberts Harvey Band punched out an excellent, pulsing blues album called ‘Devil On A dirt Road’, an album that was easily one of the best independent releases of the year. Jim Roberts And The Resonants is none other than the same basic outfit with a new, reinvented name and, yet again, another top-dollar, blues release that could once more prove to be one of the finest indie offerings of the year.

All tracks come from band-members and are powerful, lyrically strong and feature musicianship that genuinely engages with a clear sense of purpose and colour. Roberts himself is an evident slide guitar wizard who switches effortlessly between resonator, electric and cigar-box guitars with ease and ability. The remaining core band members also rock along with a determined drive that pushes through with each successive track. ‘Beneath The Blood Moon’ is a ten-track album that highlights this US West Coast blues band’s skills, confidence and sheer talent to full effect.  At times, straight-on blues, there are flashes of swampy Louisiana sounds in the mix together with Delta-inspired hooks and pounding hints of the Deep South.

An excellent album full of top-dollar playing, writing and delivery. One to grab when you can.

01. Beneath The Blood Moon
02. Dog Done Bit My Baby
03. Tupelo Fool
04. Bayou Beau
05. May All Your Regrets Be Small
06. Gold Train Fever
07. Red lips And High Heels
08. Southern Hospitality
09. Dark Down In The Delta
10. The Hell Hound’s Due

Website: Jim Roberts And The Resonants


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