Recensie: Half Deaf Clatch – Forever Forward

Half Deaf Clatch – Forever Forward
Format: CD / Label: Eigen Beheer
Releasedatum: 14 april 2017

Tekst: Iain Patience

Half Deaf Clatch is a guy with an unlikely sounding name and a voice that pours grit and gravel around by the bucket-load. From the UK’s current city of culture, Hull, on the eastern seaboard, his albums invariably prove compelling, jam-packed full of unusual themes and lyrical thoughts and storylines. The Devil’s music always gets a more than fair airing with this guy and ‘Forever Forward’ repeats that theme with Lucifer in attendance, no more so than in one track, You Can’t Delete The Devil.

Other tracks consider the inevitability and futlity of fighting against the passing of time, always worked hard by Clatch’s gruff, growling vocal delivery and some very fine, acoustic-led fretwork. Clatch slithers and slides around his ol’ resonator with clear and evident pleasure, ability and near-abandon. Switching to a more standard acoustic guitar at times, he produces genuinely unexpected, softer acoustic intros, riffs and runs that seem to catch the listener unaware, with an element of sheer melodic surprise bursting through.

All twelve tracks here are self-written and feature some reflective lyricism mixed in a blender of traditional country blues groundwork and deep rooted, southern delta styles of musical approach and appreciation. One of the UK’s current crop of modern, traditional bluesmen, Half Deaf Clatch is prolific and remarkably different with a voice that demands attention and highlights a firm grasp on the blues music idiom. ‘Forever Forward’ should please those lovers of grit, gravel, gutsy delivery and oddly different takes on the acoustic country blues tradition.

01. Forever Forward
02. You Can’t Delete The Devil
03. Strange Days
04. One Big Sky
05. No More (Hangover Blues
06. Contemplatin’ Blues
07. Omens
08. Tempus Fugitive
09. Ghost
10. Pocket Watch
11. Stop The World
12. Looking Back

Website: Half Deaf Clatch

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