Gus Spenos – It’s Lovin’ I Guarantee
Format: CD – Digital / Label:  Eigen Beheer
Releasedatum: 1 maart 2018

Tekst: Iain Patience

Spenos is a US musician who works a super-cool sax, always soulful, sensitive and searching in its delivery. This latest thirteen track release, carries on in his usual format with music that holds clear echoes of the old big-band sort of sound and John Coltraine-like mellow, sax driven blues and soul. Add touches of boogie and downright jazzy undercurrents and you have an idea of the sound this guy favours and produces.

Although Spenos is evidently blues-influenced, in reality, this is straight-on, good-time, warm feeling music that will get the feet-tapping and push listeners into dance-mode. It’s the kind of stuff that holds strong hints of old-school R&B mixed and expertly and passionately blended with Memphis soul, horns, and happy, cool fifties vibes and traditional big-band era power and push.

The vocals are well-handled and Spenos is backed by a bunch of top-dollar US sidemen to give us a release that is likely to appeal to lovers of the jazzier end of the blues spectrum with a rippling soul undercurrent always audible at its heart. A very fine album from a very fine US musician.

01. It’s Lovin’ I Guarantee
02. She Walked Right In
03. Hush Baby Don’t You Cry
04. Fool’s Blues
05. Every Tic’s Got A Toc
06. The Blind Boy
07. Livin’ Is A Crime
08. Lil’ Dog
09. I’m Gone
10. Have Mercy Baby
11. Hey Girl
12. Kind Loving Daddy
13. Got Myself A Diamond

Album line-up:
Gus Spenos: vocs, tenor sax, solo’s
Wycliffe Gordon: trombone, solo’s
Corey Wilcox: trombone
Freddie Hendricks: trumpet, solo’s
Tatum Greenblatt: trumpet
Bruce Williams: alto sax, solo’s
Walter Blanding: tenor sax
Jason Marshall: baritone sax, solo’s
Brandon McCune: piano, B3, solo’s
Brad Williams: guitar
Cecil Brooks III: drums
Collin DeJoseph: piano
Backing-vocals: Wincey Terry-Bryant, Audrey Shakir & Renee Collins Georges

Website: Gus Spenos