Dik Banovich

Dik Banovich – Acoustic Roots & Blues

Door: Iain Patience

Banovich is mostly a Scot with an unlikely name for a member of the tartan clan. Originally from Chicago, he moved to Scotland as a kid, living in the industrial heartland, and home of some of the most interesting music, in Glasgow before moving North to live in the Highlands where he was a notable figure in the burgeoning folk music world. Now based in France, he is a festival stalwart in his adopted land.

This offering is his second release and echoes his first love for both acoustic folk-roots and blues music. Fretwork is always interesting, punchy and positively strong, with material ranging from Gary Davis covers to Bill Broonzy, Woody Guthrie and one of England’s, sadly, often overlooked guitar masters, Wizz Jones.

The recording is a home produced effort with a few flaws that are easily overlooked and in no way affect the overall quality of Banovich’s very fine vocal delivery and jangling guitar-work. Just listen to his picking on Wizz Jones’ ‘Black Dog’ and you’ll be a toe-tapping, head-nodding fan of this guy and his music, for sure.

With no overdubs or studio over-mastering, this is an album that genuinely grips and grabs the attention with ease. Always beautifully melodic – a showcase for his sensitive picking – it also hits the spot throughout. Highly recommended release.

Website: www.dikbanovich.fr

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