Recensie: Debbie Bond – Winds Of Change (Single)

Debbie Bond – Winds Of Change (Single)
Format: CD (Single) – Digital / Label: Blues Root Productions
Releasedatum: 1 juni 2017

Tekst: Iain Patience

There was a time when the single ruled the roost. Charts were always exclusively dominated by them for many years. Nowadays, however, the trend is for full-length albums, or at least EP`s, to be turned out by any aspiring artist. Going against this perceived recording wisdom, US blues-lady Debbie Bond has delivered her first single, a release that is highly politicised, passionate and emotive in its purpose and format.

‘Winds Of Change’ comes from the heart of this Alabama guitarist and singer-songwriter. Supported by her partner, ‘Radiator’ Rick Ascherson on keys and harp, Bond’s sultry, contralto voice matches her always tasteful fretwork pretty near perfectly. Bond is a lady who has sure paid her blues dues over the years working alongside such notables as the late Willie King where she was a band-member, and with the legendary Johnny Shines, an old road-buddy of Robert Johnson. And, with such a heritage and background, it comes as no surprise to find that this single is a little bit of true blues gold.

Bond has a string of albums behind her, and her last full release, ‘Enjoy The Ride’, gained significant international acclaim. ‘Winds Of Change’ is following that same trajectory, with blues radio jocks already commending it widely. Currently one of the most played tracks in UK blues radio, ‘Winds of Change’ is a single that simply delivers at pretty much every level. Available as both a physical disc and a digital download, ‘Winds Of Change’ is a song for our times from a lady who knows what she’s about. Highly recommended, grab it while you can.

01. Winds Of Change

Website: Debbie Bond

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