Dave Arcari – Live At Memorial Hall
Format: CD – LP / Label: Buzz Records
Releasedatum: 1 september 2017

Tekst: Iain Patience

Dave Arcari is one of those guys that is often out on the road touring, gigging and travelling around his native UK, Scottish homeland, much of Europe and more recently the USA. Known for his hard, driving and percussive style, Arcari favours steel-resonator guitars and banjos for his, at times pretty unique, take on blues and roots music, with a fine eye for Scottish traditional folk music which he attacks with absolute confidence and thundering acerbity.

In many ways it’s hard not to think of Arcari as a bit of a ‘wild man’, a blues rebel with a purpose and power that spills out with every song he works. Most of the twentysix tracks on this live release are self-penned and all feature his distinctive blues take and gripping, grit and whiskey-fuelled vocals.  I’ve been a fan of this guy’s music for some years now and have caught his live performance where he really does come into his own clearly enjoying the performance and his audience participation.

With ‘Live at The Memorial Hall’, an album recorded in a live venue close to his West of Scotland home, he has at last delivered an album that truly captures the essence of his vital, hi-energy live shows. Many songs have a distinct autobiographical theme while yet others simply rip along with a rocky feel or a country-music, Hank Williams sort of echo.. All have a wonderful raw-edge that in many ways is a central, core element to Arcari’s own blues approach and purpose. Already particularly popular throughout Scandinavia, with ‘Live at Memorial Hall,’ Arcari has now produced a release that serves as a marvellous introduction to both the man and his music.  An album to enjoy, best played loud with a glass, or better still a bottle, of single malt close to hand.

01. Dreamt I Was 100
02. Cotton On My Back
03. Travelling Man
04. Parcel Of Rogues
05. Nobody’s Fool
06. Good Moonshine
07. Still Friends
08. Trouble In Mind
09. Whisky In My Blood
10. Red Letter Blues ** Vinyl edition Bonus Track
11. Got Me Electric
12. Texicalli Waltz
13. Good Friend Blues
14. Givers & Takers
15. Homesick & Blue
16. 1923
17. Cherry Wine
18. MacPherson’s Lament
19. Devil’s Left Hand
20. Another Chance
21. Bring My Baby Back
22. Hangman’s Blues
23. Hellbound Train
24. Close To The Edge ** Vinyl edition Bonus Track
25. See Me Laughing
26. Walkin’ Blues

Website: Dave Arcari

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