Cary Morin – Cradle To The Grave
Format: CD / Label: Maple Street Music
Releasedatum: 13 januari 2017

Tekst: Iain Patience

Cary Morin is first-nation, native American. And boy can he pick some. This is a truly delightful release featuring Morin’s fine, gritty but clear vocals and some genuinely excellent Piedmont-style picking. All eleven tracks are self-written, save for an unusually original and upbeat take on Willie Dixon’s  Mississippi Blues, and hi-light this guy’s clear fretwork mastery, much is open tunings, and his acoustic blues -bias and influence. Morin’s fourth release so far, this is a guy who has until now slipped below my personal music radar. Thankfully, now discovered, this is easily and readily gonna be a favourite album.

Each successive track lays down a powerful, thumping bass line with some bright, jangling treble string lead-work, ripping out throughout. In truth, this guy and this album are both wonderful revelations. There’s nothing jaded or uncertain here, tracks illustrate Morin’s clear ability and strength together with a purposeful lyricism that at times echoes with native-American thoughts and cultural images. Morin sweeps across a huge range of intricate finger-picking styles alongside an apparent grasp of modern US folk, roots and acoustic blues music to deliver a wonderful album that is bound to surprise and please many. Any lover of truly top-quality acoustic blues, guitar-driven music is bound to enjoy this. A great discovery from a guy to look out for, for sure.

01. Cradle To The Grave
02. Laid Back
03. Dawn’s Early Light
04. Lay Baby Lay
05. Mishawaka
06. Mississippi Blues
07. Ghost Dog
08. Trust
09. Back On The Train
10. Nothing Compares 2 U
11. Watch Over Me

Cary Morin: Guitar/Vocals

Website: Cary Morin

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