Bridget Kelly Band – Bone Rattler
Format: CD / Alpha Sun Records
Releasedatum: 3 mei 2017

Tekst:  Iain Patience

‘Bone Rattler’ is a twenty-two track bit of howling, riotously infectious electric-led blues from Florida, Deep South but more a US state known for its warmth and sunny climate than a swampy, muddy one, as Arthur Blake might have said. Despite that, the clear Delta-inspired music is evident here and Kelly’s voice is always powerful and pure, pushing through the ripping fretwork of her blues-partner and band guitarist Tim Fik, a guy with chops, licks and riffs to spare. Kicking off with some soaring organ, the band quickly slips into a pulsing, driving groove that holds till the very end.

This marks a third release, to my knowledge, from this band and each release seems to get stronger and better than the one before. The last release ‘Forever In Blues’ was excellent and an impressive offering that grabbed well-deserved, merited attention internationally.

It’s easy to see why this outfit have reached the finals of the Memphis Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge with ease in both 2015 and 2016, where they have been runners-up on both occasions. It must surely be only a matter of time before they take the top award and land a major-label contact. This is rocking, raucous, ball-gripping electric blues at its very best. Go out and do yourself a favour and buy a copy of this superb release. You won’t regret it.

CD 1:
01. Ain’t Missin’ You (Feat. Tim Fik)
02. What You Need
03. Levee & The Bridge (Feat. Tim Fik)
04. Boom Boom
05. I Ride Against The Wind
06. No Good For Me
07. Goin’ To Chi-Town (Feat. Tim Fik)
08. Leavin’ On Sunday (Feat. Tim Fik)
09. Same Bad Attitude
10. Deeper Than Blue
11. Don’t Bother Comin’ Home
12. Outbound Mississippi (Feat. Tim Fik)
13. Ghost Train

CD 2:
01. The Dark Night (Feat. Tim Fik)
02. Mr. Gaines
03. In My Sorrow (Feat. Tim Fik)
04. I’m So Tired (Feat. Tim Fik)
05. Hambone (Feat. Tim Fik)
06. Bad Tornado (Feat. Tim Fik)
07. Cell Phone Blues (Feat. Tim Fik)
08. Cat’s Out Of The Bag
09. Your Limozeen (Feat. Tim Fik)

Website: Bridget Kelly band

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