Arlen Roth – Tele Masters
Format: CD / Label: Aquinnah Records
Releasedatum: 22 februari 2019

Tekst: Iain Patience

If ever there was a true guitar-geek album, this must be it. For many a Tele may mean television, telephone or the likes, for a guitar geek it can have but one meaning – a Fender Telecaster, an electric guitar that most will have seen in use and inescapably heard somewhere down the years.

Arlen Roth is a mean guitar picker who favors a Telecaster, generally a marque shortened to ‘Tele,’ by pickers around the world, a universal guitarist-shorthand understood by all. On this remarkable and surprising release, Roth rattles along on his Tele with a range of genuinely great global guitar names also adding their own takes and covers aided by their own Fender Telecasters. The result is a sixteen-track album featuring some of the finest guitarists we all know and love, guys that between them cover a wide range of varied musical interests and influences and which make this album one of those hard to ignore offerings.

Roth is joined by Nashville guitar gods, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill and Brent Mason. UK veteran, Albert Lee, a guy who can turn his hand to almost any genre, here delivers a totally unexpected instrumental cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s famed, Mrs Robinson to the strange mix.  Soulman singer-writer, Steve Cropper lends a hand as does bluesman Joe Bonamassa, the wonderful Bill Kirchen, and Jerry Donahue.

Wrap the whole package with production by the great Tom Hambridge, who works as drummer too, and we have an album that is both simple in its conception and absorbing in its execution. If nothing else, for guitar pickers, this is a likely must-have release if only to catch the varied styles and sounds these guys coax from what is basically the same instrument.

01. Remington Ride
02.Key To The Highway
03. White Lightning
04. Bunky
05. Rumble
06. Mrs Robinson
07. Satisfied Mind
08. Roadworthy
09. I Can Fix It
10. Tennessee Waltz
11. Joe’s Blues
12. Funky Mama
13. Ghost Riders In The Sky
14. Tuff Tele
15. Promised Land
16. A Minor Thing

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