Chris Comper, AKA Prinz Grizzley releases Come On In.  The album, a wonderfully realised collection of country-influenced gems, marks the first ‘’ release for the Austrian singer-songwriter and follows two sold out shows at this year’s Kilkenny Roots Festival where he was regarded by many as the weekend’s highlight.
Comper was born in the Western Part of Austria called “Bregenzerwald” in the village of “Egg” where he was raised and still lives with his wife and two children.  At a very early age introduced to the music of CCR, Eagles, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, Hank Williams and others by his father in the form of music cassette tapes, Comper became totally obsessed with this music and sang along, even if he didn´t speak a word English.
At age 15  his sister gave him the album Nevermind by Nirvana, from then on he knew how to fulfil his live with something meaningfully. He bought a guitar, taught himself to play and soon began to write his own songs.
In 2001 he formed his first Band “Golden Reef”, who was highly influenced by British Indie Rock music, caused by the first trip he and the Band made to England in 2003. With “Golden Reef” he recorded 2 EP´s and 4 full Studio Albums which all received good Airplay and coverage. The band played regularly around Austria, Switzerland and Germany and even played a few shows in London.
In 2012 Comper had time to follow another direction he was interested in. He met a local DJ/Producer with whom he started to produce some synth pop songs. It ended up in the project of “Grizzley and the kids.  Everything was looking good with this project, but Comper’s heart just wasn’t in it.  He decided to go back to making the music he always had carried in his heart. American music. He became Prinz Grizzley. He started writing songs for the upcoming Album in early 2015 and recorded them between November ´15t till February ´16 in a studio in Vienna with the help of producer/guitarist Oliver Varga.

Now “Come On In” is ready to be released, an Alt-country record influenced yet filtered and fed from the ground he now stands.

Prinz Grizzley – Come On In

Format: CD
Label: Shed – Continental Record Services
Releasedatum: 16 februari 2018

01. Wide Open Country
02. Give Me OneMore Reason
03. Fiery Eyes
04. Mountain’s Milk
05. Irene
06. Where’s Your Fire Gone
07. I May Be Late
08. I Can See Darkness
09. Walls
10. Personal Hell
11. Tell Me Why

Website: Prinz Grizzley

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