PAUL GILBERT – ‘BEHOLD ELECTRIC GUITAR’ New album from master guitarist out May 17, 2019 on Music Theories Recordings


Paul Gilbert returns to Music Theories Recordings with Behold Electric Guitar, featuring 12 new original songs. Most songs are instrumental, except for his poem, “A Herd of Turtles”, where Paul opted his best Liverpudlian accent to recite his poem of hope, and inserted some ferocious funk riffs for musical contrast in between.

The songwriting process on Behold Electric Guitar is interesting, and not what you would expect from a virtuoso shredder like Paul.

Paul started most of the songs by writing lyrics first. Then the melody, with the right chords, arrangement and groove is formed. And then the lyrics are translated to a guitar melody, completely tossing out the lyrics. The result is Paul’s most expressive and inspired guitar playing to date.

Paul Gilbert – Behold Electric Guitar
Format: CD – Double Vinyl – Digital
Label: Mascot Label Group – Music Theories Recordings
Releasedatum: 17 mei 2019


01. Havin’ It
02. I Own a Building
03. Everywhere That Mary Went
04. Love Is the Saddest Thing
05. Sir, You Need to Calm Down
06. Let That Battery Die
07. Blues for Rabbit
08. Every Snare Drum
09. A Snake Just Bit My Toe
10. I Love My Lawnmower
11. A Herd of Turtles
12. Things Can Walk to You

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