Buford Pope – The Waiting Game
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Unchained Records
Releasedatum: 12 juli 2019

When listening to the songs of Buford Pope , it’s hard to deny his natural talent once you hear that unique voice and those indelible melodies. As a musician, Pope’s journey to date has been more focused on Europe, which has kept him a bit of a secret from North American lovers of wellcrafted roots music. Pope looks to change that with ‘The Waiting Game’, his eighth album.
Buford Pope, (a.k.a. Mikael Liljeborg) was born on Gotland, a Swedish limestone island in the Baltic Sea. With a small population and isolated from the Swedish mainland, the world of music soon became an inspiring and mind-opening resource for him.
As with many musicians and artists before him, discovering Bob Dylan was a milestone. “ I was 15 years old and was totally blown away by his attitude, he sang like no one else I had heard befo re.”
Through Mr. Zimmerman he soon learned to love the songs of other related storytellers – like Neil Young, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen – but he was still unaware what all these experiences would mean to him one day.
It would be another 15 years before Pope bought his first guitar and taught himself to play by once again returning to Dylan’s albums, but when he did, the songs began to flow and haven’t stopped since.
A further testimonial to the heart and soul of this prolific singer-songwriter, highlights on ‘The Waiting Game’ include Hey Hey Aha, which turns the spotlight on Pope’s struggle to write his next love song; Hard Life, with its sweet up-tempo sound juxtaposed with the desire to embrace the bumps and bruises life throws at us, and Five Minutes To Midnight, a descriptive confessional about the start of a beautiful relationship.

01. America* ** *
02. Hey Hey Aha
03. Hard Life
04. Stoned
05. Five Minutes to Midnight
06. Tell Me What I Am
07. First Blood
08. Wanna Say I’m Sorry Before I Die
09. Can I Be There For You
10. A Hundred
11. In My Hometown
12. Ninety-Nine

All songs written by Buford Pope except * ** * – lyrics: Buford Pope and Mark Drake

Website: Buford Pope

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