Love That Burns – A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac, Volume One: 1967-1974 will be published this autumn celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Fleetwood Mac.

Love that Burns – A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac is Mick Fleetwood’s account of the early blues era of Fleetwood Mac and the musical legacy of the uniquely talented Peter Green.

Mick Fleetwood - Love That Burns - A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac Volume One- 1967-1974

In 1967 Fleetwood Mac debuted at the Windsor Blues and Jazz Festival. Now, 50 years later, founding member Mick Fleetwood documents the dramatic history of a band that emerged from what is today referred to as the British Blues Boom.

‘The Windsor Jazz & Blues Festival was Fleetwood Mac’s first official gig. It was such a significant musical gathering, like Paris was for artists in the 1920s.’ – Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood’s official limited edition autobiography contains over 400 rare images, features text commentaries by John Mayall, Mike Vernon, Peter Green, John McVie, Jenny Boyd and Sandra (Vigon) Elsdon and is narrated with an original manuscript of more than 18,000 words.

Love That Burns contains original manuscript from Mick Fleetwood recounting his childhood, early bands, Fleetwood Mac’s debut performance, first international tours, live gig antics, playing with Blues Legends at Chess Studios, his friendship with the legendary Peter Green and the many talented members that formed Fleetwood Mac in the years before 1975.

‘Fleetwood Mac got famous so quickly; we were still playing small clubs even as we were becoming pop stars.’ – Mick Fleetwood

‘It is now so long ago from when I discovered George Harrison’s first edition Genesis book: it was stunning then—and still is! Many books have followed from Ringo Starr to Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and so many more!’
– Mick Fleetwood

Beautifully produced in the Genesis tradition, Love That Burns–A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac, Volume One: 1967-1974 is published in a numbered limited edition of only 2,000 copies worldwide. Every hand bound book is individually signed by the author, Mick Fleetwood. Handcrafted in Milan, Italy, the limited edition is quarter bound in leather with foil blocking, yellow sprayed page edging and a padded cover featuring the Fleetwood Mac artwork of Sixties graphic artist, Gunther Kieser. An exclusive 7″ vinyl picture disc includes, ‘Love That Burns’ from the 1968 Mr Wonderful Album and a rare instrumental track, first recorded in February 1967, titled ‘Fleetwood Mac’ from which the band took its name.

Signed by: Mick Fleetwood
Edition: 2,000 numbered copies
Images: 400+ rare photos, memorabilia and illustrations
Manuscript: 18,000+ words of original narrative
Pages: 320
Binding: Handcrafted quarter leather
Page Size: 10×12.5″
Extras: Exclusive 7″ vinyl record

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“I have dreamt of one day working with Genesis to present a documentation of the early story of Fleetwood Mac. This moment has arrived! And I’m thrilled to be in the safe hands of Genesis Publications.” – Mick Fleetwood

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