matt taylor let it grow

Matt Taylor
Let It Grow

Released 21st April, 2017
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Eric Clapton’s classic anthem of love and unity re-worked and updated. Though this new version may have a tougher edge its timeless message still rings true.

1974 was a tumultuous time in politics. The UK was just getting used to being a member of the EU, Harold Wilson became British Prime Minister for the second time and US President Richard Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal.

It seems that in the forty plus years since the original release of Let It Grow little has changed (apart from the UK’s impending EU status) but the enduring qualities of the song have been proven. “I’ve always loved Let It Grow“, says Taylor, “and was surprised to find that there were hardly any cover versions of it, none in recent times. I recorded it and sat on it for a while waiting for an opportunity, or a good reason to release it. It strikes me that with all the uncertainty and hate being propagated, now is no better time to release a song that promotes love and hope”.

Let It Grow heralds Matt Taylor’s return to work as a solo artist, his last solo release being 2008’s No Trouble At All, more recently choosing to collaborate with Pink Floyd/Thin Lizzy guitarist Snowy White, Rhythm & Blues outfit The Motives, and The Boom Band, a collective of like-minded, progressive blues-based musicians. Indeed, this is a truly solo effort with Matt performing all vocals, guitars and bass, along with drum and keyboard programming and production, the only outside assistance being track mastering by Sean Magee at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

Matt is currently preparing to go into the studio to record a new album of self- penned material, with a first class band consisting of Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream/formerly Gary Moore) on drums, Jonathan Noyce (Archive/formerly Jethro Tull & Gary Moore) on bass and his old sparring partner Jonny Dyke on keyboards, expected to be released in the Autumn of 2017.

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