Martha Fields – Dancing Shadows
Format: CD
Label: Continental Record Services
Releasedatum: 7 september 2018

Martha Fields brings her ghosts to life in her new album ‘Dancing Shadows’ (to be released September 7, 2018). With her musical roots running deep in both Appalachia and Texas, Martha and her band take you on a soulful and winding voyage through the American South. Illuminating her past and present in this ambitious and varied project – 14 songs and 2 continents, awash in dark and moody tones and saturated with strong, defiant characters, sprinkled with the occasional honky tonk respite, all generously infused with her own authentic southern groove.
Martha wrote, self-produced and recorded her ‘straight from the heart’ opus while in self-exile in the Southwest of France. Imprinted early with the shadows of generations of southern musicians, Martha soaked up their sound and stories, letting them percolate, and now has issued a lush yet gritty gem. Carving her own route through the “Americana” terrain of folk, blues, country, rock and bluegrass and recorded with her touring team of musicians – Manu Bertrand, Serge Samyn, Urbain Lambert, Olivier Leclerc and Denis Bielsa – all able to equally render the bittersweet beauty of her ballads as well as the bodacious bluesy and rocking repetoire. With dobro, lap steel, guitar, slide, double bass, violin, drums and the occasional mandolin and pedal steel, her band compliment her emotionally charged vocals. Monica Taylor (the Cimmaron Songbird) and Travis Fite, both Okies with Cherokee blood, provide luscious harmonies.

01. Sukey
02. Paris To Austin
03. Exile
04. Demona
05. Oklahoma
06. Forbidden Fruit
07. Last Train To Sanesville
08. West Virginia in My Bones
09. Desert Flower
10. Maxine
11. Fare Thee Well Blues
12. Hillbilly Bop
13. Said And Done
14. Lone Wolf Waltz

Martha Fields : Lead Vocal and Songwriter
Manu Bertrand : Acoustic Guitars, Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Lap Steel & Resonator Guitar
Serge Samyn : Upright Bass
Urbain Lambert : Electric Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar on « Fare Thee Well Blues » & Lead Acoustic Guitar on « Demona »
Denis Bielsa : Drums, Cajon & Percussion
Olivier Leclerc : Violin
Manu Godard : Hammond B3 Organ
Vincent Samyn: Piano
Monica Taylor & Travis Fite : Backing Vocals
Mathieu Lucas : Sound Engineer (Studio Recordoval, France)
Tommy Detamore : Mixing and Mastering (Cherry Ridge Studios, Texas, USA)

Website: Martha Fields

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