Foto Listen to: Krissy Matthews – Carry You (new single)

De nieuwe single van Krissy Matthews is afkomstig van het album “Pizza Man Blues” dat vorig jaar via Ruf Records verscheen. Een track met de nodige crossover potentie die naast blues rock liefhebbers ook de rockfans zal aanspreken. De single zal vanaf 16 september a.s. verkrijgbaar zijn via de diverse download platforms.

Krissy Matthews - Carry You

Krissy over de achtergrond van de song.
We were in the rehearsal room in 2020 practicing some new songs to record my latest Ruf Records release PIZZA MAN BLUES and the bass player Josh Rigal played this chorus idea. I loved it and he explained to me it was about a friend of his who was terminally ill. At the time, my second mother was terminally ill with Motor Neurone Disease so I could relate to this. With the lyrics in Carry You being “If you can’t walk, and if you can’t talk” this hit me right away. My second mother literally could not do that anymore, and she has since passed away. So we took the song, worked on it and recorded it. Over the last bunch of shows, it has been getting the best response with many people singing along at the end of it. So I decided to get the guys together, make a music video for it and hopefully give the song the attention that it deserves. And I would like the chance for more people to hear it. Maybe they have a loved one who is terminally ill and can relate.

Op 15 oktober a.s. speelt Krissy Matthews op het Texel Blues festival.

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