Jeffrey Halford and the Healers - Mississippi Flyer

When Bill Wyman, formerly of the Rolling Stones asked Jeffrey Halford to do his song, Mississippi Flyer, He replied: “It would be an honor”. Wyman had become familiar with Jeffrey‘s music through a close friend and kept a close eye on his multiple European tours. Wyman really liked the way the band grooved. In Jeffrey’s opinion, Bill is one of the best bass players on the planet and quite a songwriter.

Bill has played with cats like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, Stephen Stills, and John Hammond, just to name a few. Jeffrey liked his song Mississippi Flyer but had to find his groove. He attacked it with his signature slide guitar and called to Swamp gods to bring him some mojo, and they came. Then he called his band the Healers. Adam Rossi, Mike Anderson, and sometime Healer, Tom Heyman. They got the cauldron boiling and threw in a Sears and Roebuck tube amplifier and a stand-up Kay bass (60s era). They cut it live and took a trip from California down to the Mississippi Delta and wound up in Muscle Shoals.

Here it is, Mississippi flyer! Written by Bill Wyman Produced and arranged by Jeffrey Halford and Adam Rossi Engineered and mixed by Adam Rossi.

Jeffrey Halford on guitar and vocals, Adam Rossi on Drums, Mike Anderson on standup bass, Tom Heyman on guitar, and Sill Hyman on harp.

Foto Listen to: Jeffrey Halford and the Healers - Mississippi flyer

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