Ghost Hounds - Dirty Angel (Official Visualizer)

Blues rockers Ghost Hounds have released a music video for “Dirty Angel.” It’s the band’s first single from their upcoming 4th album set to be released in June.

Ghost Hounds are a rock ‘n’ blues band hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. The band’s classic rock ‘n’ roll guitar tunes are the result of both Thomas Tull and Brooklyn native guitarist Johnny Baab; the driving forces on bass and drums are Bennett Miller and Blaise Lanzetta, respectively and Joe Munroe adds a signature blues sound on the keys. Fronted by lead singer Tré Nation, whose voice was simply made for rock, Ghost Hounds are a modern day rock band that plays blues inspired rock in such a way that proves that the genre is not only alive but thriving for the next generation of rock fans.

Ghost Hounds have released three studio albums to date. Their debut album Roses Are Black released in 2019 and generated millions of streams and received acclaim from Billboard, American Songwriter, and many more. In 2021, the band released their sophomore album, A Little Calamity, showcasing the band’s classic rock chops, that included the infectious track and hit single, “Good Old Days.” Soon after A Little Calamity came the band’s 2022 album, You Broke Me, a perfect testimony to Ghost Hounds’s ability to blend classic blues rock with modern influences. The band has had plenty of time to refine their sound on the road, having supported legendary acts including The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Garth Brooks, and Bob Seger on tour.

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