Bad Touch - Nothing Wrong With That (Official Music Video)

UK blues-rockers BAD TOUCH share details of their eagerly anticipated fifth studio album, ‘BITTERSWEET SATISFACTION’, set for release on 10th November 2023 via Marshall Records. Accompanying the announcement is the band’s new single/video ‘NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT’.

‘BITTERSWEET SATISFACTION‘ sees BAD TOUCH back, bigger, and bolder than ever before. The band combines classic rock riffs with choruses destined for stadiums, and their signature fun loving attitude to create a some of their best work to date. The record is a ray of positive energy, a celebration of living in the moment and leaving your troubles at the door.

“We are a feel-good, good-time rock’n’roll band.” So says guitarist Daniel “Seeks” Seekings, and really, why does it need to be more complicated than that? It’s been recorded and finished for half a year, and – with a more polished, mainstream sound than they’ve explored before, but still with its roots in the classic rock of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and The Black Crowes – the band are bursting to let it loose on the world.

“We’ve never sat on anything that long because we’re like kids in a candy shop, as soon as we write something, we want to get out there and play stuff,” says frontman Stevie Westwood. “So, it’s very exciting. It’s slightly more mature. I love every song. It’s a different sound for Bad Touch. It’s less balls-to-the-wall rock, and the songs seem a bit more thoughtful rather than just kind of exploded out of a tin can.”

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Produced by Bad Touch
Recorded at The Marshall Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Romesh Dodangoda
Written by Stevie Westwood, Robert Glendinning, Daniel Seekings, Michael Bailey, George Drewry
Video Production Company – Blink Vivid Video
Producer – Joe Gist
Directed by Light in the Tower
Director of Photography – Aidan Joseph
Behind the Scenes Photo and Video – Scott Gist
Editor – Alex Orosa
Colour – Aidan Joseph
Caravan Man – Matt Holmes

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