Release: Lightnin’ Hopkins – King Of Dowling Street (3CD set, Sunset Blvd Records, 19 February 2021)

Lightnin Hopkins King Of Dowling Street

57 Tracks – 20 Never before on CD / 12 Previously unreleased performances. Remastered from Analog tapes. Texas bluesman Lightnin’ Hopkins career was both long and fruitful. He performed live for six decades and recorded for over 30 years amassing a catalogue that was larger than almost any of his contemporaries. Not only was he prolific but he was also a great raconteur and a very good live performer with an ‘act’ honed to perfection at pre-war dances and parties. His guitar playing was unconventional, some have even called it ragged, but it is not as a guitarist that he will be remembered. Somehow the way he set his songs seemed totally apposite and it gave everything he did an authenticity that few others were ever able to match.


Lightnin’ Hopkins – King Of Dowling Street

Format: 3CD set
Label: Sunset Blvd Records
Release date: 19 February 2021


Moanin Blues
Leavin Blues
Late In The Evening
Lightnin Jump
Met The Blues At The Corner
Long Gone Like A Turkey Through Corn
How Long Have It Been Since You Been Home
Mojo Hand
Glory Bee
How Long Has That Train Been Gone
Have You Ever Loved A Woman?
Black Mare Trot
Coffee For Mama
Awful Dream
Sometimes She Will
Shine On, Moon
Houston Bound
Baby I Dont Care
Give Me Time To Think
No Education
This Time Were Going To Try
Christmas Time Is Coming
Lets Work Awhile
The Jet
I Dont Need You Woman
I Wish I Was A Baby
The Crazy Song
Lightnins Love
Take It IF You Want It
How Have You Been
My Baby Was Crying For Bread
I Wonder Where She Can Be Tonight
Feel Like Ballin The Jack
Rainy Day In Houston
How Does It (Instrumental)
A Man Like Me Is Hard To Find
Movin Out
You Just Gotta Miss Me
Worlds In A Tangle
Shinin Moon
Rock Me All Night Long (live)
Mighty Crazy (Live)
Nothing I Can Do (Live)
How Many More Years I Got To Let You Dog Me Around (Live)
Last Night Blues (Live)
Going Down Slow (Live)
Houston Rock (Live)
I Got My Hook In Your Water (Live)
Last Night I Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had (Live)
My Babe (Live)
Theres Good Rockin Tonight (Live)
You Treat Po Lightnin Wrong (Live)
70 Miles From Nowhere (Live)
Mojo Hand (Live)
Shining Moon (Live)

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