Gooi Danny Thomas en Duke Davis van The 13th Floor Elevators on acid bij Blueslegende Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins die rijkelijk van de moonshine heeft gesnoept en wat krijg je? Een unieke release uit de catalogus van het legendarische International Artists label! De deluxe digibook reissue bevat twee extra schijven met niet eerder uitgebrachte songs, studio geklets en een interview.


Free Form Patterns

Format: 3-CD in digibook edition / LP
Label: Charly
Release: 21 April 2014

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CD 1:

1. Mr. Charlie
2. Give Me Time To Think
3. Fox Chase
4. Mr. Ditta’s Grocery Store
5. Open Up Your Door
6. Baby Child
7. Cooking’s Done
8. Got Her Letter This Morning (AKA: She’s Almost Dead)
9. Rain Falling
10. Mini Skirt
11. Black Ghost Blues

CD 2:

1. Chat 1 – I’d Like To Get In Tune With The Boys
2. Song 1 – Give Me Time To Think
3. Chat 2 – Harmonica Players
4. Song 2 – Miniskirt
5. Chat 3 – Lelan: Is Billy A Hippy?
6. Song 3 – Got Her Letter This Morning
7. Chat 4 – Drinking Chat 1: No No, I Don`t Fool With Nothin’ But What I Fool With
8. Song 4 – Mixed Up (Previously Unreleased)
9. Chat 5 – Band Direction / Billy
10. Song 5 – (Mr. Dillon’s) Grocery Store Blues
11. Chat 6 – You Know Mr. Dillon?
12. Fox Chase False Starts / Band Direction
13. Song 6 – Fox Chase
14. Chat 7 – Drinking Chat 2 – I’m The Best Person In The World When I’m Drinking
15. Song 7 – Lord Have Mercy (Previously Unreleased)
16. Chat 8 – Drinking Chat 3 – Don’t Think It Ain’t Got Something In It

CD 3:

1. Song 8 – Rain Falling
2. Chat 9 – Argument Over Songs
3. Song 9 – Cooking’s Done
4. Chat 10 – Sweet Lil’ Woman, But You Ain’t Got No Hair + Chat
5. Song 11 – Mr Charlie
6. Song 12 – Straw Hat (Previously Unreleased)
7. Chat 11 – They Got 100 Songs
8. Song 13 – Green Onions (Previously Unreleased)
9. Chat 12 – Vietnam Song Snippet / Oh Oh Lyric
10. Song/chat – Poppa Was A Preacher Rehearsal/chat
11. Chat 13 – That Had The Feeling, Finishing Session
12. Conversation 1 – Trouble In Crockett Tx
13. Conversation 2 – Whiskey On Prescription
14. Conversation 3 – Musician’s Hours: Tommy Hall / Stacy Sutherland
15. Conversation 4 – Where`d You Pick Up The Name Lightnin`
16. Conversation 5 – You Not Gonna Mess With Elmore (Nixon) Anymore?
17. Conversation 6 – Centerville Tx
18. Conversation 7 – Politics

A 3CD digibook edition of Texas blues legend Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins’ solitary album for the Psychedelic imprint, International Artists.

Recorded in January 1968. it stands out in Lightnin’ discography due to the unusual line-up on the sessions, with the veteran bluesman fuelled by homemade moonshine supported by a young hippy rhythm section, comprising Danny Thomas and Duke Davis from the Thirteenth Floor Elevators (both high on acid at the time).

Free Form Patterns, however, is no failed hippy/blues hybrid, just a straightforward honest blues album with the great man backed by fans, who happened to be members of a legendary Psychedelic band. Its significance lies in how the music cut across the generation and racial boundaries within the segregated and repressive atmosphere of late 1960s Texas.

Alongside recording the album for International Artists, producer Lelan Rogers set out to generate a definitive interview with the great bluesman and so left the tapes running in the studio as the album was cut. These recordings have sat in a series of dump tapes for 44 years but have now been put back together as unique documentation of one of the 20th century’s most revered bluesmen. We now have a coherent combination of songs, studio chatter and candid conversations with Lightnin’ about his life and times. On the two additional discs the songs are as the band played them in the studio, live and unmixed and the conversations are as they were with only unintelligible chatter left out.

All of this material is previously unreleased except the final versions of the songs and a brief excerpt of conversation included on the 1980 compilation Epitaph for a Legend.

A fascinating and unique insight into Lightnin’ Hopkins, the man and the musician.

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