Kendel Carson and songwriter/producer Chip Taylor recorded two successful albums, ‘Rearview Mirror Tears’ (featuring the hit I Like Trucks) and ‘Alright Dynamite’ in the late 00s. Soon after, Taylor was working on a screenplay about a 70s country singer who, rather than sign a major label deal, gave away cassettes of her songs. Out of this project, Taylor and Carson recorded songs that would have been the score to the possible movie. Kendel, as the fictional Suzanna Hamilton, sang the songs that, in the story, were would-have-been 70s country hits but instead only known by the few who received bootleg tapes from Hamilton.

‘The Lost Tapes of Suzanna Hamilton’ sessions were recorded in New York at Dubway Studios and feature John Platania (Van Morrison, guitar), Greg Leisz (pedal steel), Tony Mercadante (bass), Tony Leone (drums) as well as Kendel (fiddle & vocals) and Chip (guitar & vocals).

Later, inspired by The Suzanna Hamilton story, Taylor and Carson developed several more songs and entered a small studio in Calgary, Canada called The Station. Assisted by Canadian music guru Neil MacGonigill and engineered by Craig Newnes, The Calgary Sessions’ feature backing musicians Russ Broom (guitar), Mike Lent (bass), Spencer Chayne (drums).

Now finally, these two albums are available for the first time. Anyone who is a Kendel fan will definitely want to hear these recordings. And anyone who is not a Kendel fan will soon be one. These recordings are amazingly inspired. Kendel is magic!

Kendel Carson – The Lost Tapes Of Suzanna Hamilton With The Calgary Sessions (Bonus Disc)
Format: 2CD
Label: Train Wreck Records – Continental Record Services
Releasedatum: 12 oktober 2018

Disc 1
The Lost Tapes of Suzanna Hamilton

01. Paint me a Cowboy
02. The Burning of Suzanna
03. Chicago Man
04. Crazy Moon
05. Lilly
06. Make Me a Microphone
07. Paint Me a Cowboy (Ballad)
08. Yankee Boy
09. Fighting Soldier
10. That’s The Way It Is About True Love

Disc 2
The Calgary Sessions

01. Waiting For Dreams
02. Find A Way
03. Any Way The Wind Blows
04. I Woke Up Missing You So Bad
05. Mexican Standoff
06. Hot Iron Waltz
07. Find A Way (Long Version)

Website: Kendel Carson

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