Kate Fenner’s voice has been heralded “a lusty alternative Joni Mitchell” by the New York Times and “A National Treasure” by the CBC. Her works with legendary artist Joan Jonas have given that voice a permanent home in the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art.

The bed tracks of this album were recorded quickly with Tony Scherr at his studio in the three weeks leading up to an unnerving throat surgery in October of 2015. The eventual finished album came together gradually over the following year, with the participation of many wonderful musicians and friends, including BILL FRISSELL, JASON MORAN, NORAH JONES and CHRIS BROWN. The title, “Middle Voice” comes from a grammatical term (!), wherein the subject of a sentence is both the actor and the acted-upon, both agent and patient; it is meant to reflect the middle part of life–its equivocations, its ambivalence, its modest epiphanies.

Kate Fenner – Middle Voice
Format: CD / Label: Continental Record Services
Releasedatum: 15 februari 2019

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