John Mayall “Three For The Road” live album

Three for the Road, the new album from iconic musician and Blues Hall of Fame member John Mayall, features cuts drawn from two exuberant concerts recorded live in Germany in 2017. The title is a nod to the trio format featured on Mayall’s 2017 world tour, which includes long time bassist Greg Rzab and drummer Jay Davenport. The new record, produced by Eric Corne and John Mayall and mixed by Corne includes a mix of songs from both recent and classic John Mayall/Bluesbreakers releases, and represents the sixth offering from the fruitful partnership between Mayall and Forty Below Records.

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John Mayall Three for the Road

John Mayall – Three For The Road

Label: Forty Below Records
Release date: 23 February 2018

1. Introduction
2. Big Town Playboy
3. I Feel So Bad
4. The Sum Of Something
5. Streamline
6. Tears Came Rolling Down
7. Riding On The L&N
8. Don’t Deny Me
9. Lonely Feeling
10. Congo Square

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