Elli de Mon – II

Label: Pitshark Records
Release: 13 febbraio 2015
Format: LP / CD / Digital

Simply II, two, second. Two as the opposites: light and shadows, day and night, me and you. Two as in Led Zeppelin II. Two as the natural continuation of the first work, to whom this album is deeply connected, for conception and production.
Then, two as in something deeper: two is the symbol of separation, portrays the loss of the original unity.
“II” is conceived as a path of consciousness, travelling around to nd the unity, its own “daimon”, demon, that is calling every one of us.
The solemn gait of consciousness and research is led by the calendar day time: the album takes o at sunset and goes from darkness to light. e harmony of the tracks follow this ow too: minor chords are associated with night, while major chords are associated to daylight, following popular culture.

Elli de Mon, aka Elisa De Munari spent years studing indian music and philosophy and this academic and personal research permeate all her work.

One year after her successful debut album, with more than 120 shows all across Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Spain), Elli de Mon comes back with a fresh new album released by legendary frensh label Pitshark Records (at work with Motorhead, Radio Birdman, New Christs, Nomads, Sewergrooves and Cosmic Psycos to name a few).
“II” has been tracked down last summer at TUP Studio in Brescia (Italy), produced by Bruno Barcella and Alessio Lonati who also took part to the sessions. Sound and production is more essential and minimal compared to the previous works but at the same time even darker and obscure: PJ Harvey, Kyuss, John Fahey are the main inuences, mixed to the more classical Bessie Smith, Blind Willie Johnson and Son House and, of course, to indian raag sounds.


1. Zen Song – 2:14
2. Ghost – 2:58
3. The Judgement – 3:27
4. Ouroboros – 3:27
5. Black Ego – 4:34
6. Wild Blues – 3:42
7. Grip – 2:20
8. Obsession – 3:00
9. Unbreakble – 4:58
10. Requiem For J. – 3:15

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