Bluesmoose 794 Vrijdag 2 augustus 2013 Special Guest Pat Travers


In de serie Zomergasten hadden wij een gesprek met Pat Travers voordat die de stromende regen in ging en een supershow neer zette op het Highlandsfestival in Amersfoort. Luister hier naar wat Pat te zeggen heeft over zijn nieuwe CD “Can do” over optreden, de muziekbussiness, oude blues en cd’s opnemen in het algemeen. Daarnaast vele tracks van zijn Laatste CD.

Pat Travers – Boom Boom Out go The lights -Live At The Bamboo Room (2013) Pat Travers – Can do – Can do – 2013 Pat Travers – here come s the rain again – Can do – 2013 Pat Travers – Red neck Boogie – Can do – 2013 Pat Tarvers – Wanted – Can do – 2013 Pat Travers – Nobodys fault but mine – Blues On Fire – 2012 Pat Travers – Death Letter – Blues On Fire – 2012 Pat Travers – keep Calm & Carry on – Can do – 2013 Pat Travers – Black betty – Live at the Bamboo Room – 2013

pat travers in the rain


Toronto born Pat Travers has delivered one tasty release after another in his over 37 years career in music. From the powerhouse, rockin’ 70’s sound of such albums as “Heat in the Street” and “Makin’ Magic”, to the classy melodic eighties rock before a blues period in the nineties, Pat has always kept a high standard for his musical output. “When I was contacted by Frontiers to record a new original studio album they asked me if I could create some music reminiscent of my earlier albums that were done in the U.K. and South Florida in the late ‘70’s early ‘80’s.” says Pat. “What made those records different was that I was allowed the luxury of spending some time in the studio without any outside influences and that’s when I could get really creative. Frontiers Records let me have the time I needed to work on the songs and production. Also the beginning of 2012 was a particularly creative period for me and I believe I have written some of my best material ever for ‘Can Do’”.

1. Can Do
2. Stand Up/Give It Up
3. Diamond Girl
4. As Long As I’m With You
5. Long Time Gone
6. Wanted (That Was Then/This Is Now)
7. Armed And Dangerous
8. Here Comes The Rain Again
9. Keep Calm & Carry On
10. Dust & Bone
11. Waitin’ On The End Of Time
12. Red Neck Boogie

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