Guy King – Joy Is Coming
Releasedatum: 28 mei 2021
Format: Vinyl, CD & Download
Label: IBF Records

Guy King has built a reputation as one of the greatest blues and jazz artists to come out of Chicago in recent history, but his newest and soon to release album “Joy is Coming” establishes him as much more than that. The autobiographical “Joy is Coming” sees King showcase his songwriting chops bringing to mind Bill Withers, Eric Clapton and Steely Dan whilst presenting King’s true artistic voice.

His unique approach to the guitar has been compared to jazz legend Wes Montgomery and blues legend Albert King. As he has graced stages around the world he has captured the attention of fans and guitarists everywhere. Guy King’s “Joy is Coming” is a soulful and inspiring compilation of songs, straight from the heart.

7 of the songs are co-written with legendary author/songwriter David Ritz (Sexual Healing) and on “Joy is Coming” he and King collaborate to tell a truly unique and inspiring story.

Against the backdrop of immaculate production and arrangements, King’s story is front and center with room for his undeniable guitar and vocal prowess to shine – this is King’s true voice and a break through artistically.

“Joy is Coming” was produced by Guy King and co-produced by guitar great Josh Smith. The single and music video “Devil’s Toy” features the great Joe Bonamassa. The intertwining of Guy’s masterful guitar, breathtaking vocals, creative string arrangements and heartfelt songs make “Joy Is Coming” an album everyone should have.


The album “Joy Is Coming” is available on Vinyl, CD & Download.


1. Joy is Coming
2. Devil’s Toy (feat. Joe Bonamassa)
3. Choices
4. Sanity
5. Hole in My Soul
6. Oh, Sarah
7. Don’t Do It (If You Don’t Want to Do It)
8. Up, Up, Up (feat. Vanessa Bell Armstrong)
9. A Prayer for Me
10. Looking for You

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