Een nieuwe Gov’t Mule track van de komende Tel-Star Sessions plaat. Beluister hem hier …

een mooie quote van Warren over de track:

“WORLD OF DIFFERENCE was written in the studio during these sessions. I wrote it on bass and Woody heard what I was playing and tweaked it his way. I didn’t know what I was gonna play on guitar, as we had not played the song as a band yet, when our friend Chris Anderson stopped by the studio with a Leslie speaker (which is what is normally used for organ) re-configured for guitar. I plugged in to the Leslie speaker and all the guitar parts on the recordings just started coming out instantly and naturally.”

Hier is de nieuwe plaat te bestellen:

Gov't Mule Tel-Star Sessions


In early summer of 1994, while on break from Allman Brothers work, the original Mule line-up of Warren Haynes, Allen Woody, and Matt Abts assembled at Tel-Star Studios outside Sarasota, Florida, to lay down on tape their vision to exhume the rock power trio – their influences ranging from Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience to ZZ Top.

Says Warren, “Allen Woody had plenty of ideas in that department — starting with simultaneously bringing back the ‘rock bass’ sound. Along with our discussions about the ‘power trio’ being missing from the current musical landscape were the discussions of how the sound of the bass guitar had gotten progressively ‘cleaner’ since the ’80s (or late ’70s), and how that affected the overall feeling of the music. So, when we went in to the studio to do our first recording sessions, part of our mission was to capture an old familiar sound as well.”

1. Blind Man In The Dark
2. Rocking Horse
3. Monkey Hill
4. Mr. Big
5. The Same Thing
6. Mother Earth
7. Just Got Paid
8. Left Coast Groovies
9. World Of Difference
10. World Of Difference (alt. version/bonus track)