“Gonna do a little hoodoo,
gonna say a little prayer,
I’m gonna throw my spell into the air”
— Fiona Boyes

Fiona Boyes is Australia’s most successful and celebrated international Blues artist. Her previous Reference Recordings release, Professin’ The Blues, received the 2017 Acoustic Album of the Year award from Blues Blast Magazine. The Blues Foundation in Memphis has honored her with 6 Blues Music Award nominations, including Acoustic Album of the Year and Best Acoustic Artist in 2017. In 2003, she won their International Blues Challenge, representing The Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society.
This new album, Voodoo In The Shadows, is a self-produced session by the multi-talented guitarist/singer-songwriter, exploring the allure of the back roads from Memphis, through Mississippi, to New Orleans and down to the Gulf. In 11 songs, including 9 originals, we hear stories of respect, partying, attitude, mystery, sensuality, and love.

Joining her are two Australian bandmates: multi-instrumentalist Tim Neal (Hammond B3, piano, bass and baritone sax) and drummer/percussionist Mark Gruden, plus Johnny Sansone, one of New Orleans’ finest musicians, who adds his harmonica and accordion to richly season this international gumbo! As is customary, Fiona plays a cornucopia of guitars; her 6-string Maton, three cigar-box instruments and her rare baritone National Resolectric. Players combine in several groupings, featuring their different instruments, and a collaborative magic emerges, taking listeners along on the journey.

Fiana Boyes – Voodoo In The Shadows
Format: CD
Label: Reference Recordings
Releasedatum: 19 oktober 2018

01. Call Their Name
02. Party at Red’s
03. What You Put on Me
04. Dark and Dangerous Love
05. Little Things
06. New Orleans
07. Don’t Leave Your Feet at Home
08. I Ain’t Fooling
09. With a Little Respect
10. Tell Your Story Walking
11. Ember

Website: Fiona Boyes

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