Erja Lyytinen Without You

Finnish slide guitarist and singer-songwriter Erja Lyytinen is pleased to announce the release of her brand new single Without You on Friday 23rd March – taken from her upcoming album in the fall. The new single was written and composed by Erja and recorded with her brand new band including Kasperi Kallio (keyboards), Tatu Back (bass) and Iiro Laitinen (drums).

Says Erja Lyytinen about writing the single,” I started writing Without You a few years back, but never found the right moment to finish it. So I brought the song into the rehearsal studio at the beginning of 2018 and the band and I started to work on it. It´s funny how much a song might change alongside one’s playing over the years! The arrangement was completely different at first with some R&B elements but it turned out to be something that I´m keen doing on stage nowadays – it’s loud, rocky and frank!”

“The song is about a person who is searching for the feeling she had with someone who´s no longer available. It is dealing with the phenomenon of how the human mind obsesses about something or someone that is out of a person’s reach.”

The new single will be accompanied by an amazing music video to be released on Friday 23rd March. “It was ‘cool’ doing the music video,” says Erja. I mean that literally, because we were at the warehouse when we shot the video in the freezing cold! There was no heating and we shot the video during the coldest time of winter in Helsinki. It was still a lot of fun, as this is my first music video with the band being involved, so we had a good energy through the session and lots of hot tea!”

Erja has already been confirmed for a headlining UK tour in November 2018 to support the release of her upcoming album. You can be sure to hear Erja playing Without You live then.

Watch and embed the official music video for Without You here:


Lyrics & Music: Erja Lyytinen
Arrangement by: Erja Lyytinen, Tatu Back, Kasperi Kallio,
Jaakko Pöyhönen, Iiro Laitinen

Cobblestones under the high heels
Clicking up´n´ down the street
Neon lights an invite to the honey bees
Where lonely drones walk closer to the beat

Someone´s standing on the corner dealing
Just walk by him and push through the door
No-one really cares now how I´m feeling
Still I cheat myself to ease my empty core

Keep searching for someone new
Who would make me feel good
Keep searching for someone new
Who would feel just like you

Cannot be without you
Cannot be without you

So I walk the same street every evening
But still I won´t find what I´m looking for
For the chance of a glance just to see him
and crave the one I can´t have anymore

Keep searching for someone new
Who would feel just like you

Cannot be without you
Cannot be without you
Cannot be without you
Cannot be without you

Band Line-Up:

Erja Lyytinen – Vocals / Guitar
Kasperi Kallio – Keyboards
Tatu Back – Bass
Iiro Laitinen – Drums