Eric Clapton‘s landmark 1992 ‘Unplugged’ album will soon be getting a new look. ‘Unplugged: Expanded and Remastered,’ a two-CD/DVD set that builds upon the original release, will be available on Oct. 11.

‘Unplugged: Expanded and Remastered’ contains the remastered performance, which debuted on MTV on Aug. 25, 1992, as well as a second CD of outtakes. The DVD combines the broadcast with more than an hour of unreleased rehearsal footage. Two of the songs, ‘Circus’ and ‘My Father’s Eyes,’ were not shown on the telecast but wound up in newly recorded versions on Clapton’s 1998 album ‘Pilgrim.’

The original album has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide since its release. It fetaured two Top 10 hits in ‘Tears in Heaven’ and a dramatically different version of ‘Layla.’ It won six Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year.



Label: Reprise Records
Release date: 11 October 2013

CD & DVD Track Listing

01. Signe
02. Before You Accuse Me
03. Hey Hey
04. Tears In Heaven
05. Lonely Stranger
06. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
07. Layla
08. Running On Faith
09. Walkin’ Blues
10. Alberta
11. San Francisco Bay Blues
12. Malted Milk
13. Old Love
14. Rollin’ & Tumblin’

CD Disc Two – Outtakes & Alternates (All Tracks Previously Unreleased)

01. Circus
02. My Father’s Eyes (Take 1)
03. Running On Faith (Take 1)
04. Walkin’ Blues (Take 1)
05. My Father’s Eyes (Take 2)
06. Worried Life Blues

DVD Rehearsal Track List

01. Signe
02. Before You Accuse Me
03. Hey Hey
04. Tears In Heaven
05. Circus
06. Lonely Stranger
07. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
08. Layla
09. My Father’s Eyes
10. Running On Faith
11. Walkin’ Blues
12. Alberta
13. San Francisco Bay Blues
14. Malted Milk

Press Release

Eric Clapton’s Unplugged wordt versterkt
Expanded and Remastered inclusief nieuw audio-en videomateriaal

Albumtitel: Unplugged: Expanded and Remastered
Releasedatum: 11 oktober 2013

Op 11 oktober a.s. verschijnt Unplugged: Expanded and Remastered op 2CD en 2CD/DVD, een volledig opnieuw gemasterde versie van Eric Clapton’s meervoudig Grammy winnende live-album Unplugged, inclusief niet eerder verschenen muziek en beeld van de show. Het live-album is in 1992 opgenomen in Engeland voor de inmiddels legendarische TV show MTV Unplugged en is geproduceerd door Russ Titelman en Alex Coletti.

Deze speciale 2CD/DVD editie bevat naast een opnieuw gemasterde versie van het originele live-album, ook zes niet eerder verschenen nummers. Op disc 1 staan onder andere de bekende uitvoeringen van Layla, Running On Faith en het prachtige nummer Tears In Heaven, dat gitaarvirtuoos Clapton over zijn overleden zoontje Conor schreef. Disc 2 bevat zes nummers die niet op het originele Unplugged terug te vinden zijn, zoals een cover van Big Maceo Merriweather’s Worried Life Blues en prille versies van Circus en My Father’s Eyes. Deze twee nummers verschenen zes jaar later op Clapton’s album Pilgrim.

De DVD in deze set bevat de volledige show zoals deze op 25 augustus 1992 is uitgezonden in opnieuw gerestaureerde vorm. Voor de allereerste keer hebben fans nu ook de mogelijkheid om de beelden te zien die voorafgaand aan de TV show zijn opgenomen; een uur lang exclusief beeldmateriaal van nog nooit eerder vertoonde beelden van de repetitie van de show. Het exclusieve beeldmateriaal geeft een intieme blik op Clapton en zijn band en bevat live uitvoeringen van nummers als Circus en My Father’s Eyes, die niet te zien waren in de uiteindelijke uitzending.

Met zeventien Grammy Awards op zijn naam wordt de in 1945 geboren Eric Clapton gezien als één van de meest belangrijke en meest invloedrijke gitaristen aller tijden. Clapton stond dan ook op #2 in de lijst van de Rolling Stone Magazine Top 100 gitaristen aller tijden. Voor Unplugged heeft Clapton zes Grammy Awards ontvangen, waaronder Record of the Year, Album of the Year en Song of the Year. Wereldwijd zijn er meer dan 19 miljoen exemplaren van Unplugged verkocht, waarvan meer dan een half miljoen stuks in Nederland.

Expanded And Remastered Version Of Eric Clapton’s Multi-Grammy Winning, Diamond-Certified Album Features Unreleased Music And Previously Unseen Rehearsal Footage. Available Worldwide Mid-October 2013.

Eric Clapton was already an acknowledged master of the electric guitar in January 1992 when he traded his signature Stratocaster for an acoustic Martin to record Unplugged. The live album captured the legendary guitarist, backed by a small band, performing acoustic versions of his own songs and several blues standards. Released later that same year, the album was an unqualified blockbuster, selling more than 19 million copies worldwide and earning six Grammy Awards, sweeping the top honors, including Record of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year.

Reprise Records celebrates Clapton’s electrifying acoustic performances with a new 2-CD/DVD collection that includes a remastered version of the original album along with six unreleased outtakes on two CDs. The DVD features a newly restored version of the concert, as well as more than an hour of previously unseen footage from the rehearsal. UNPLUGGED: EXPANDED AND REMASTERED will be available in mid-October 2013. A 2-CD only version without the DVD will also be available on the same dates.

For the original album’s 14 performances, Clapton reinterpreted songs from his rich catalog, including Layla — completely reimagined as a shuffle — from his time with Derek and the Dominos, Running On Faith and Old Love from 1989’s Journeyman, and the hit single Tears In Heaven, a song he wrote after the passing of his young son Conor the previous year. Much of the album showcases blues songs Clapton grew up listening to, like Bo Diddley’s Before You Accuse Me, Big Bill Broonzy’s Hey Hey, Leadbelly’s Alberta and Robert Johnson’s Malted Milk.

The second disc of UNPLUGGED: EXPANDED AND REMASTERED includes several songs not on the original album, such as a cover of Big Maceo Merriweather’s Worried Life Blues, an alternate take of Walkin’ Blues and early versions of Circus and My Father’s Eyes — songs that would surface six years later on Clapton’s album Pilgrim.

The DVD included in this collection contains a newly restored version of the original broadcast, which aired August 25, 1992 on MTV. For the first time ever, fans will also have the opportunity to see more than an hour of unreleased footage recorded during the pre-show rehearsal. Filmed from multiple camera angles, it features an intimate look at Clapton and the band working on arrangements and running through 14 songs, including Circus and My Father’s Eyes, which were not featured in the final broadcast.

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