Eamonn McCormack (promo)

Eamonn McCormack
New Album “Heal My Faith” (inakustik INAK 9107CD)
Release date for the Benelux 17/02/2012 via Coast to Coast Dist.

After the huge success of Eamonn’s last album “Kindred Spirits” the Irish guitarist has signed a worldwide deal with Inakustik Records and his first release has just been released today.
The album is titled “Heal My Faith” and was recorded live in a studio in Germany. It features 12 tracks, 10 original songs and 2 covers written by the late great Irish legends Phillip Lynott,
and Rory Gallagher.

Two nice quotes about the album.

(Philomina Lynott – Mother of Phil Lynott) “Your Album is brilliant Eamonn. My Phillip would be proud of the version you did of his song. Best of luck with the release.”

(Donal Gallagher – Brother of Rory ) “What a great record, your guitar playing is terrific Eamonn (as ever), band are ‘on the money’. Your songs are very good, from initial playing I like ‘My Saving Angel’ and ‘Shine Your Light” – both potential singles ! Really like your version of ‘A Night In the Life of an Old Blues Singer’, needless to say ‘Shadow Play’ ( a cracking version) also, what a lovely tribute you have made to your fellow countrymen musicians.

This year is starting to look very busy for one of Ireland’s most exciting guitarists with lots of touring to promote the album.

To Coincide with this release, there are two new youtube features up:


“Heal My Faith” advert

MORE Dutch and Belgium dates to be announced soon including some festivals where Eamonn’s special guest will be BRIAN “Robbo” ROBERTSON (Thin Lizzy, Motorhead)
New website on the way www.eamonnmccormack.net

Eamonn McCormick - Heal My Faith (cover)

Eamonn McCormack

02.03 Velden, Bluesiana (A)
03.03 Wien, Porgy & Bess (A)
09.03 Köln, Yard Club (D)
10.03 Rheinberg, Schwarzer Adler (D)
16.03 Kulturfabrik, Korbach (D)
17.03 Stuttgart, Laboratorium (D)
18.03 Singen, Exil (D)
24.03 Offenbach, KJK Sandgasse (D)
25.03 Roepaen, Ottersum (NL)
05.04 Lubeck, Riders Cafe (D)
06.04 Berlin, Quasimodo (D)
07.04 Torgau, Kulturbastion (D)
11.04 Münich, Garage Deluxe (D)
16.05 Kandern, Chabah TBC
18.04 Aschaffenburg, Colos Saal (D)
20.04 Unna, Lindenbrauerei (D)
21.04 Handzame, Delirium Festival (B) TBC
26.04 Bremen, Meisen Frei (D)
27.04 Dortmund, Musiktheater Piano (D)
28.04 Viersen, Saal Birgit (D)
12.05 Lorsch, Musiktheater Rex (D)

15.05 — 21.05 SPANISH TOUR To be Announced Soon
31.05 —-04.06 Irish Tour to be announced

25.07 Vallemaggia, Magic Blues (CH)

*** More Festivals to be Announced ***
(also some with special guest Brain “Robbo” Robertson (Thin Lizzy, Motorhead)

11.10 Texel, Texel Blues Festival TBC (NL)
22.10 Wildeshausen, Lili Service Kino (D)
24.10 Krefeld, Kulturrampe (D)
26.10 Tante Ju, Dresden (D)

* TBC = To be confirmed

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