Doug Macleod B&T 954

Doug MacLeod – Live in Europe

Label: Black and Tan Records
Release date: March 4, 2016

1. Walking While I Bleed (Live)
2. Bad Magic (Live)
3. Long Time Road (Live)
4. The New Panama Limited (Live)
5. Home Cookin (Live)
6. I Want You (Live)
7. Ain’t the Blues Evil (Live)
8. Big City Woman (Live)
9. Cold Rain (Live)
10. Turkey Leg Woman (Live)
11. The Masters Plan (Live)

Between 2002 and 2008 Black and Tan Records released four great studio CD’s by Doug MacLeod. But since the real magic comes out during his shows they also recorded a live concert in 2006. These live recordings were released on a limited edition concert DVD (The Blues In Me). The DVD is no longer available and so Black and Tan Records thinks it is time to make this great music available on other platforms. They edited the recordings and extracted eleven complete songs from the two live sets. This is the first official (audio) release of Doug playing live as a solo artist.

These recordings will be released digital only and are available on all major download and streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotity.

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