“For Ragged & Dirty I really wanted to change my entire approach. I had made all my previous records down south, but this time I wanted to record in the electric blues Mecca of Chicago, with cats that live and breathe playing blues based music. I also enlisted Grammy winning producer Tom Hambridge to produce. He custom-wrote songs for me, which was a first and having him quarterbacking the sessions from behind the drum kit was a unique experience for me as well. He was in the trenches with me every step of the way. Tom pulled my essence out on this record and pushed me in a most positive manner.”

Ragged & Dirty

Release: 14 October 14, 2014

Track Listings
1. Half The Truth
2. Can’t Lose’em All
3. Leavin’
4. I’ll Be Around
5. Travelling
6. Midnight Lake Michigan
7. Ten Million Slaves
8. Blackjack Heartattack
9. Back To You
10. Times Have Changed
11. Ragged & Dirty
12. Leave The City

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