These days The Derek Trucks Band is getting known for what they do that’s unique to them, and not just because of their bandleader’s associations with the Allman Brothers or Eric Clapton.

“It definitely feels like there’s a little shift going on,” says Derek Trucks. “For the last few years, with the Clapton tour and everything else, I think our music is finally lining up, and this record is where it’s all starting to fall into place. It’s a work in progress

[laughs]. You just keep grindin’ away.”

“There’s no better way to learn than trial by fire, surrounded by people who’ve been doing it their entire lives and are really great at what they do. I kind of come from the mentality that there’s a certain chemistry you can only get from serving time together, being in the trenches together,” Trucks continues. “My dad’s a roofer and seeing him get up and just bust ass everyday, I realized, ‘I’m playing music.’ Even as hard as it gets it’s not being on a roof in 100-degree weather [laughs]. When I first went on the road, we had a day off in Macon, Georgia, and my dad got a roofing job. So, me and Todd [Smallie], my bassist, were tearing off roof between gigs, and I thought, ‘This sucks! I’m gonna start practicing’ [laughs].”

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